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Best Selling Hedges


Choosing the Right Hedge

If you are not sure which hedge is best for your garden or most suited to your needs, take a look at our useful plant guides. These are designed to help you make an easy and informed choice from our huge range of hedging plants.

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Bare Root

Bare root hedging plants are field-grown, lifted when ready and the soil is shaken from their roots. Within a day or two, they are delivered, ready for planting. Available during the natural dormant season (Nov-April), the most cost-effective planting option.

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Pot grown hedge plants are convenient and easy, they can be planted at any time of year and there is no root disturbance so they generally establish and grow away quickly. We have a massive selection of varieties and sizes of our top quality plants.

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Rootballed hedge plants are larger, bushier field grown plants grown at extra wide spacings for several years and are then lifted by our specialist rootballing machine with the soil and immediate root system, these large bushy plants are great value.

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Introducing instant hedging plants to your garden can completely transform your outdoor area. Our ready-clipped, one-metre troughs give the immediate landscape effect from the moment they are planted providing a great privacy solution.



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Mixed Native

Take a look at our great range of convenient hedging mixes to suit all purposes, let us choose the best species in the right proportions – then all you need to do is plant them! . We are proud to say our Mixed Native hedging received a Gardening Which? best buy award.



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Evergreen Species

One of the most desirable traits in a new hedge, evergreens give privacy and structure all year. Browse our massive selection of evergreen hedging species of all sizes from small starter plants through to instant hedging solutions.

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Conifer Hedges

Included in our list are some of the finest evergreen hedging species from the very fast growing Leylandii hedging to the slower and majestic Yew hedging.

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Fertiliser & Bonemeal

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi are a great aid to establishing your new hedge in double quick time, we also have the correct fertiliser for your hedge whether it is newly planted or already well established.

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Hedging Plants - Hedges and Hedge Plants from Hopes Grove Nurseries

About us

Established in 1992, Hopes Grove Nurseries are hedging plants specialists with a 50 acre nursery and over 1 million home grown plants situated in the Weald of Kent. Our skilled nursery staff have over 200 years of growing experience between them so our plants are given the best possible start.

We only sell our hedging plants to the end user (not to Garden Centres or other nurseries) so you can be assured of direct from the nursery pricing that you will find very hard to beat –  delivery on most orders over £100 is free and our minimum order is just £50. (Full details can be found on our Delivery information page, larger pallet delivery plants have a minimum order of £200 and delivery is free on orders over £400, this information is shown next to the product photo). We deliver nationwide with plants coming directly from their growing beds to guarantee they are fresh and top quality.

Our website showcases the huge variety of hedging plants species and root types from bare root all the way through to instant hedging. If you’re not sure which hedge is right for you, take a look at our Choosing The Right Hedge guide pages which detail the species which work best for each situation including privacy & chalk areas. If you have any queries about our range or want some tailored advice, our expert team are more than happy to take your call on 01580 765600 or sign up to our newsletter to find out about upcoming sales and discounts first!

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