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Hedging Plants - Hedges and Hedge Plants from Hopes Grove Nurseries

Hedging Plants – Hopes Grove Nurseries are the hedging plant specialists, our 50-acre nursery situated in the Weald of Kent is dedicated to growing the most complete selection of hedge species and sizes you will find anywhere. Almost everything we sell is grown here on the nursery under the watchful eyes of our skilled nursery staff who have over 200 years growing experience between them! All our hedging plants are delivered to you fresh and direct from their growing beds guaranteeing top quality every time.

We only sell our hedging plants to the end user (not to Garden Centres or other nurseries) so you can be assured of direct from the nursery pricing that you will find very hard to beat –  delivery on most orders over £50 is free, and we deliver nationwide.

The nursery was established here in 1992 so we have over 25 years’ experience in the specialist business of growing and packing our hedging plants ready for the journey to your garden. Our carriers have been carefully chosen with the benefit of experience to ensure your hedging plants are delivered to your door in excellent condition, when you need them.

Our two nursery sites here in Kent are home to over 1 million home grown plants making us the largest direct sale grower of hedging plants in the country, we can deliver small or large quantities of plants from our range very quickly. The quality, freshness and competitive pricing of our plants is appreciated by Gardeners, Landscapers, Farmers and professionals all over the country. You can see what they say about us by checking out our 5 star Feefo reviews – we have no control over what our customers say, its in their own words!

We sell our hedging plants in a variety of root types including Bare Root Hedging Plants, these are the most cost-effective way to establish a new hedge. Bare root plants are field grown and despatched fresh from their growing fields with the soil shaken off and ready for immediate planting. The season for these hedging plants runs from November until April when they are dormant.

Pot Grown Hedging Plants are delivered to you in the pots they have been grown in, this means they do not suffer any root disturbance or shock when planted meaning they can be planted all year round and achieve 100% success (provided of course they are well watered if you plant in Summer). We stock a very wide range of sizes in our pot grown hedging range from small starter plants in 9cm pots that are very cost effective, right through to much larger plants to create a more instant effect.

Root Ball Hedging Plants are grown in the soil in our fields for several years at a very wide spacing. During this time our skilled staff and specialist nursery machinery ensures they are regularly trimmed, watered and fed to produce top quality, mature, bushy hedging plants that give a big impact at moderate cost. Root Ball hedging plants are lifted by our own specialist machinery on the day of despatch with the immediate soil and root system which is wrapped in hessian mesh for protection. Root Ball Hedging Plants are available during the dormant Winter season from October until early May.

Instant Hedging plants are the fastest route to an established hedge in your garden, they have been grown here on our nursery for several years with regular trimming, irrigation and feeding – overseen by our expert team of horticulturalists. All our instant hedging products are sold in 1 metre lengths to make your calculations easier. We offer a wide selection of sizes from small trough hedges of slow growing species such as Common Box in heights of 30/40cm through to much larger instant hedges up to 200cm to give immediate eye-level privacy.

We also stock a first-class selection of Mixed Native Hedging, we offer a wide selection of mixes to suit different requirements and many of these are available in a range of sizes. Our Special Mix hedgerow was awarded the Gardening Which best buy being the most species rich mix tested, excellent quality plants and competitively priced.

If you find our huge selection of hedging plants a little overwhelming or you aren’t sure which species is best for your situation – we have a Choosing The Right Hedge page that you may find useful. Here you can browse hedging plant species that are suitable for a whole range of growing conditions, soil types and interesting features such as prickly security hedging or flowering hedging. By using this page, you can make an informed choice. If you still aren’t sure or need some extra advice, please do call our expert sales team.

Many of our customers are new to hedge planting and seek a little extra guidance regarding the correct soil preparation and planting. To this end we have an excellent How To Plant A Hedge page with detailed yet straightforward instructions on getting the best from your new hedge. You are very welcome to download a copy for reference, all customers ordering from us will receive a copy by email and we always send a printed copy of this cultural guidance in with your plants, so you have it handy.

Although most of our orders come directly from this website these days, we love talking to our customers! Unlike so many ‘nurseries’ these days that are little more than online ‘shop fronts’ with no growing experience, buying in stock to satisfy orders after they are placed – all our expert sales team have worked outside on the nursery with the plants here in Tenterden before ‘graduating’ to the office. This means you get to talk to real hedging experts who can answer your questions (And if they can’t answer your question there and then, they will find out and get back to you).

You can give our hedging plant sales team a call on 01580 765600, they can help with all hedging related questions you may have as well as offering tailored, discounted quotes for larger quantities of hedging plants over £1000.

If you buy hedging plants regularly (or even if you don’t!) you may be interested in subscribing to our newsletter, not only does this allow us to stay in touch but we also send out regular subscriber only discount codes with big reductions on many of our hedging lines that aren’t available on the website. Newsletter subscribers are also the first to know about special offers and other deals when they do appear on the website. Signing up for our newsletter is quick and easy, taking only a minute or so.

If (like most customers) you choose to order online, you can be reassured that our whole website is secure (you will see the green padlock in the browser bar), we also have an extended validation SSL certificate to give you the highest level of security (Hopes Grove Nurseries in green in the browser before the URL) and all online transactions are processed through the secure Sagepay gateway (We do not store your payment details). At Hopes Grove Nurseries your online security is taken very seriously.

All our systems and procedures are compliant with the GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018, you can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

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