Bay Tree Topiary

Bay Tree Topiary plants

The Bay Tree or Bay Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) is a classic evergreen, with its handsome, almost leathery evergreen leaves that are strongly aromatic and have long been used both fresh and dried in numerous recipes to add delicious savoury flavour. The glossy dark green leaves make this a great topiary plant as they bush out beautifully each time they are trimmed, and the foliage looks immaculate all year. In the spring just before the new growth starts, the stems of these majestic shrubs will be clothed in tiny yellowish flowers making them a magnet for pollinating insects. Bay Tree topiary plants are a great way to bring a tough of timeless elegance to your plot.

Plant your Bay Tree topiary plants in a sheltered, sunny spot, to avoid damage from cold Winter winds and late Spring frosts, ideally near the back door or by garden seating areas so you can enjoy the wonderful heady aroma of the leaves, particularly when warmed by the sun. This versatile evergreen topiary plant will live happily for many years in a pot, especially if the compost is freshened up each spring and the plants given a regular feed during the growing season to keep the foliage a lustrous dark green colour. Re-potting into a larger size every few years is advisable to keep your Bay Tree in tip top condition, eventually there is an inevitability that it will become too large to re-pot again but you will at least have a very fine specimen to plant into a permanent position in the garden.

Bay Laurel will fare well in a coastal location and will also be quite happy in an inland garden that is sheltered and preferably sunny though it will tolerate some shade. The only thing to avoid are exposed and windy situations where the leaves may damage. Most soils so fine provided they have good drainage, if your soil is clay based or not particularly well draining, do prepare the ground by combining some grit and sand well in the planting location. They appreciate good soil preparation and the generous addition of organic matter, especially on thinner sandy or chalky soils or areas where it is in full sun, and an annual mulch in spring will make them resilient to longer dry spells of weather while promoting good general plant health and strong growth. Many customers choose to grow these elegant Bay Trees in containers to show them off to best effect. They are best re potted into larger pots so they can grow and develop without becoming pot bound. Fill the pot with a good quality soil based potting soil (such as John Innes number 2) with a little extra grit added to ensure perfect drainage.

To give your Bay Tree topiary plants the best very chance to thrive it is always advisable to prepare the ground as well as possible and follow the planting guidance we e-mail on confirmation of order. A hard copy of this planting guidance leaflet is also sent out with every order. We always recommend the use of the Mycorrhizal Fungi Rootgrow which enhances a plant root system and the use of the slow-release fertiliser Bonemeal to encourage faster establishment and a more drought resilient plant with a stronger root system.
The best time to prune Bay Trees is in late spring when the frosts have passed, to keep them looking really smart and tidy you can trim them again during the growing season.