What are  Pleached Trees?

Pleached trees are trees grown straight with clear stems, whose heads of branches above that have been trained onto bamboo trellises to give a stunning formal effect. They are often specified by the top garden designers and landscapers, particularly for more formal gardens where these plants give dramatic and immediate structure.

Here at Hopes Grove Nurseries we offer freshly pleached trees – you will still see some of the frame initially – but they are notably more cost effective than mature Pleached trees!

Fresh pleached trees are trained onto the bamboo trellises immediately before despatch using only the straightest, best quality young trees. Fresh pleached trees offer a significant cost-saving compared to more mature stock and are generally lighter and easier to handle. They will develop into a full head of branches with a more mature appearance within a season or two.

Further Information About Pleached Trees

Pleached trees are available as pot grown specimens for delivery all year round, or as root ball stock which is available for delivery during the winter season of dormancy from late October until April.

Because of the size of our Pleached trees (they are too tall for any courier delivery service!) all our Pleached trees are delivered by our own transport, direct to you straight from our nursery. We use our own Land Rover and specialist trailer and will always call you to arrange a mutually convenient day first. Delivery is still free for these beautiful native, flowering and evergreen pleached trees, but as they require a more bespoke approach to delivery and we will need a minimum order of £1500 (excluding VAT) to cover our costs. 

We can sometimes deliver smaller orders with a delivery charge based on mileage up to the Scottish borders, so please do call our sales team on 01580 765600 or take a look at our delivery page for more information.

Pleached trees are available for delivery to addresses in mainland England and Wales.