Laurel Hedging

The Hopes Grove Nurseries guide to Laurel hedging varieties.

The Laurel family includes many our most popular hedging species, they make ideal hedging plants for a wide range of purposes. Because all the varieties we supply are evergreen they are excellent for bringing all year-round privacy to your garden, they look great 12 months a year and the different varieties are suitable for hedges of all sizes.

All the species of Laurel that we grow are tried and tested, reliable hedging varieties that are easy to grow and maintain and suffer from few pests and diseases. We grow most varieties in a very wide range of sizes from economical bare root plants through to beautiful big root ball plants, potted plants for all year-round planting and instant hedging options for immediate screening. You can be sure we have the ideal variety in your chosen size for your garden hedging or screening needs.

All of our hedging Laurel varieties have a dense bushy habit of growth, as well as providing structure and privacy to your garden all year, they will give excellent shelter and wind reduction, their evergreen leaves will also go a long way towards absorbing pollution and noise.

Common Laurel (or Cherry Laurel) is the most popular and fastest growing variety, it has beautiful big glossy evergreen leaves and is a great choice for all types of evergreen hedging purposes where it can be maintained at any height from 1 metre to 4 metres (or more) in height. Common Laurel is available from us in a very wide range of sizes including bare root and root ball hedge plants as well as instant hedging.

Caucasica Laurel is similar to Common Laurel and grows at least as fast but with a slightly more upright growth and narrower leaves. It is particularly tough and hardy, ideal for all types of evergreen hedging, especially if you are looking for a narrower Laurel hedge.

Portuguese Laurel is a particularly attractive variety that has smaller glossy deep green leaves and rich purple-red stems, it is the hardiest variety of Laurel hedging that we supply. This is an excellent species for a large evergreen formal hedge and unlike other hedging Laurels, it grows very well in chalky soil.

The Compact Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’) is an excellent smaller variety of Cherry Laurel that is ideal for hedges up to 1 metre in height. This versatile plant makes a good Box hedge replacement and is often used as evergreen ground cover. Untrimmed plants will produce a vibrant display of white flower clusters in spring that develop into red-black fruits that sre very popular with birds.

The Spotted Laurel (Aucuba japonica ‘Variegata’) is in fact from a different plant family but has similar large evergreen leaves that are splashed with yellow and makes an excellent low maintenance hedge of back of border shrub that will look great and keep its colour all year. Spotted Laurels are very tolerant hedging plants growing in all situations from full sun to full shade.

You can find more details about our individual varieties of Laurel Hedging Plants on the pages below, or scroll further down this page for some helpful information about the Laurel family including how to grow them, where to grow them, Laurel hedging problems, Toxicity information and our guide to Laurel Hedging alternatives.

If you have any other questions please do call our hedging experts on 01580 765600 or alternatively get in touch via our contact page.