When is the Best Time to Trim a Laurel Hedge?

Laurel hedges may be trimmed at any time during the season but its best to avoid the coldest months of the year as the cut edges may be susceptible to frost damage.

Trimming a laurel hedge

The best time for trimming is either in late Spring (before growth has started) or in mid-late Autumn (when growth has finished) but before Winter starts in earnest so the cut edges have chance to heal over before the coldest weather. (The Bay Laurel is an exception, being a more tender hedging species, it is better to always trim these in the Spring when the worst of the weather is past)

Many text books advise trimming Laurel hedging plants with secateurs to avoid cut edges to the large leaves, it really isn’t necessary. You can use shears or a hedge trimmer, the cut edges will heal and cover with new growth quickly, especially if trimming is carried out in the Spring.

Laurel hedges of all sizes can have a habit of becoming wider with each passing year taking up more and more valuable garden space, be sure to cut your hedge back tight each time, right back to where the growth started in the Spring, don’t be frightened of being hard on it!