Ornamental Grasses are a wonderful and versatile group of plants, often close to the top of a garden designers list. We stock smaller types that are perfect for ground cover and edging paths or seating areas together with a wide selection of taller varieties, they are often graceful and their flower stems will move and sway in the slightest breeze. Use different varieties of grasses together for varying colours and textures or mix with other flowering plants where their foliage makes a perfect backdrop for perennials.

Grasses can be very effective in large swathes if you have space, they are great for softening the hard lines of buildings and other structures. Evergreen varieties will continue to give interest all year, the stems of deciduous types are best left until Spring so will still give height even in the winter months, often holding the frost on cold mornings.

These easy to grow plants need very little maintenance, the evergreen types just require a tidy up in Spring to remove brown and damaged foliage. Deciduous grasses are best chopped to ground level in early Spring before the new growth starts.