Our ground cover plants make an excellent way of reducing maintenance without compromising on colour and interest, we have varieties suitable for all garden situations from dense shade to full sun. Planting distances are a matter of personal preference but as a rough guide – 4 plants per square metre is adequate if you are patient, 6 plants per square metre will give better coverage and 9-12 plants per square metre will make a weed suppressing carpet very quickly.

In addition to the plants on this page we have many other species that make fantastic low maintenance ground cover in our hedging section (they also make low hedges and are therefore dual purpose!) Many of them are available as bare roots so they are great value, we have listed them here: Box, Faulkner, Hypericum Hidcote, Laurel, compact, Lonicera Pileata Maigrun, Potentilla, Snowberry, Spiraea, Sweet Box. Many of our ground cover plants below are sold as strong stocky plants in large 1.5 or 2 litre pots and make an excellent starting point, if you need a lot of plants we offer generous quantity discounts. Ground cover plants in smaller 9cm pots are an economical way of stocking flower borders and other areas with carpeting ground cover plants.