Ground Cover Plants

Adopting some kind of ground cover plants in your garden can completely transform your outdoor space. Flowering ground cover adds a touch of colour consisting of foliage and low-level flowers that provide a well-kept effect, fills in gaps in your garden, but also suppresses weeds. Hopes Groves Nurseries offers a wide range of colourful ground cover suitable for different conditions including dense sun and full shade.

Further Information about Ground Cover Plants

There are thousands of different ground cover plant species available for you to choose from. Whether you’re interested in Ceanothus ground cover with evergreen foliage, Cotoneaster ground cover, or more traditional Periwinkle ground cover, you’re bound to find a species suitable for your tastes and garden conditions. They’re a great way to turn a dull space into a bright, textured and colourful section of your garden that’s easy on the eye.

Ground cover plants can be extremely beneficial for your garden, adding insulation and moisture to the soil that benefits other nearby plants. They can even reduce erosion due to their deep, strong roots. They can be utilised in a large variety of environments, from sloping hills, used in conjunction with larger shrubs to create a tiered effect, but also add stunning effects at the base of trees

How to Pick the Right Ground Cover Plants

There are three main categories of ground cover plants. These include:

  • Evergreen Ground Cover Plants
  • Perennial Ground Cover Plants
  • Annual Ground Cover Plants

At Hopes Grove Nurseries we sell the evergreen and perennial types, all of these lovely varieties will provide effective (and beautiful) low maintenance ground cover for many years to come.

Evergreens are a simple and low-maintenance solution for adding some depth to your garden all year round. They remain strong during winter months and provide a suitable border for other larger plants. Perennials are great for well-established borders to add a touch of colour, flowering once a year for a period of a few months, making your existing border more attractive. Finally, annual ground cover plants are perfect for green-fingered gardeners who can’t sit still! They’re perfect if you like to change your garden layout regularly, but provide fantastic flowers and thick foliage during their peak times of the year.

Planting distances are a matter of personal preference but as a rough guide – 4 plants per square metre is adequate if you are patient, 6 plants per square metre will give better coverage and 9-12 plants per square metre will make a weed-suppressing carpet very quickly. Of course, providing them with a little TLC until they’re fully established will do wonders for your ground cover plants. We’d also advise removing all weeds in the area before planting, to ensure the new plants have less competition in the area. This will get them looking great, and becoming stronger as they grow.

Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

Hopes Grove Nurseries are amongst the UK’s leading hedge plants and ground cover specialists. We’re passionate about plants, and love seeing our home-grown species thrive in green spaces across the UK. Our plants receive top care and TLC, ensuring that when they arrive in your garden, they’re strong and ready to be planted. For over 30 years, we’ve perfected our growing process through the help of our talented and dedicated staff, allowing us to provide the highest quality ground cover plants on offer. From catmint ground cover, to Pulmonaria Ground Cover and Verbena Bonariensis Ground Cover, our experts recognise the importance of quality plants.

Over half a million plants are grown throughout our 80-acre site, which is why we boast a stock of the freshest, highest quality plants grown locally in Kent, the UK’s garden of England. Once your order is placed, your new plant is carefully delivered to your door. Each team member ensures your ground cover plants are in the best possible condition when they reach you. If you want to know more about us and what other customers think, check out our reviews on Feefo for more information.

We are far more than a hedging seller. Our expert planters enjoy sharing their in-depth knowledge with growers, gardeners and landscapers across the UK to help your planting be more successful. Visit our knowledge hub for useful planting advice and tips.

If you think ground cover plants or flowering ground cover plants are what your garden needs, don’t hesitate to talk to us before you buy to have your questions answered. Get in touch to speak to a member of our passionate, plant-loving team today.