Photinia Red Robin’s name is derived from the Greek word photeinos meaning shiny, referring to its glossy showy leaves. If you are looking to make a statement in any area of landscaping, lollipop Photinia Red Robin is an excellent way to do so, not only bringing a different dimension, it adds a bright and rather unusual splash of colour. The added attraction to employing these shrubs when topiarised into an architectural shape is, being evergreen there is colour and interest over the winter months as well as throughout the summer, making it a very appealing addition to any garden, large or small.

A very popular ornamental shrub often used to create a colourful hedge, Photinia Red Robin is very striking when shaped into a lollipop tree, especially with its fresh new growth emerging. The charm of using these lollipop trees is none more obvious than when planted on each side of a garden path creating a very attractive elegant avenue. They also look fantastic setting off a feature like a set of steps or a doorway. Superb to use in a situation where space is short and a gaining bit of height and architectural interest is required also then allowing for planting below it.

Photinia Red Robin is an eminently clippable shrub and when trimmed its young growth emerges bright red above older green foliage. It is best grown in a sheltered position, either in full sun or partial shade, growing well in most well drained soil. Photinia has a growth rate of approximately 30cm per year and pruning should be done in the spring or the autumn.

Sold in pots, we can supply these at any time of year subject to availability. We always welcome phone calls in our office and are pleased to try and help if there is any further information wanted.