Beech Hedging

One of the most popular types of hedging, beech (fagus sylvatica) is native to the UK. Beech hedging is tolerant in all but very wet soils, although it thrives in well drained soil and full sun. As a deciduous plant, beech leaves are kept throughout the winter – especially if trimmed during the late summer months. This hardy hedging option can be grown to heights and spreads that suit the area requiring hedging – making it a versatile choice for a variety of locations.

With its leaves turning a rich coppery, russet brown colour during the late autumn months, and its leafy structure offering privacy and shelter throughout the year, it’s easy to see why beech hedges are one of the most commonly used native hedging plants. Plus, during the autumn the copper-coloured leaves are tolerant of both pollution and salt spray, making it an excellent, durable choice.

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