When Is The Best Time To Plant A Beech Hedge?

We are often asked this question – from a horticultural point of view the very best time to plant almost all Beech hedge plants (especially bare roots and rootballs) is in late Autumn or early Winter.

At this time of year, the plants are becoming dormant for the Winter and so transplant well, and the soil temperature is still comparatively warm meaning that the plants will begin to make new roots long before the new leaves and dry Spring weather arrive giving the new hedge a head start.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t plant Beech hedge plants at any other time of year, especially if you are using potted plants – here is a quick guide to the seasons for different types of Beech hedging plants:

Bare root plants – November to April: These are delivered to you straight from the growing fields with all the soil shaken off and ready for planting, they should be planted within a few days of delivery. Bare root plants are available from November until April which is the correct time for planting.

Root Ball plants – October to April: These are older bushier plants grown in the soil for longer and sent to you with the soil and immediate root system wrapped in hessian mesh (which should be left on when planting). The season for these plants is slightly longer from mid-October until late April.

Pot grown plants – All Year Round: These are grown and delivered in their pots, because there is no root disturbance you can plant them anytime, 12 months a year. They may look a little more expensive, but these plants will often catch up larger bare root plants within a season or two.

Instant hedging plants – All Year Round: These are also available all year so like the potted plants there is no seasonality and they may be planted at anytime for an instant Beech hedge.