Found amongst many of our hedgerows is one of the best species for hedging – the Hawthorn (Crataegus). It is a fantastic deterrent for intruders, due to its thorny growth, and is a native plant to the UK and other countries around Europe.

Hawthorn is one of the most common plants seen in mixed native hedgerows, it knits the hedge together making an effective stockproof barrier. You can learn more about mixed native hedgerows by looking at our mixed native page

It flowers in May, covering the whole hedge in gorgeous, delicate white flowers; it is also known as the May-Tree because of this. It is the only plant in Britain to be named after the month it flowers. Interestingly, the plant itself is a hermaphrodite, meaning it has both male and female reproductive parts within its flowers. It does produce berries, known as ‘haws’, which are packed full of antioxidants and are red in colour. These appear once the flowers have been pollinated, and help to feed wildlife including insects and birds.

They’re a sturdy plant that can withstand any soil and situation, Hawthorn hedges can be trimmed at any time from late Summer until Winter.

Planting distance for a new hedge depends on your patience, budget and the size of plant you choose. As a general rule 3 plants per metre will be sufficient (especially for the larger sizes of pot grown Quickthorn), 5 per metre will make a very effective double row hedge. If you choose the smaller sizes (say 90/120cm or smaller) you could plant 7 per metre for a fast developing and very dense hedge.

Take a look at our range of Hawthorn plants below. Should you have any questions or require any advice before making a purchase then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialist team members on 01580 765600, or take a look at our contact page.