Hedging Plants

View our complete selection of hedging plants listed alphabetically by common plant name, if you know what you’re looking for you can scroll directly to it or simply browse our informative pages by species to help you choose.

Our hedging is available in a range of different root types which can be found on each species page to ensure you get the right plant for your garden.

If you aren’t sure which type of hedge would suit your plot, why not take a look at our choosing the right hedge page where we have listed lots of suitable species for many situations and purposes to help you make the right choice.

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Types of Hedging

  • Alder hedging plants (Alnus)

    Alder Hedging

    Alders are tough hardy trees well suited to harsh or wet conditions, we stock Common Alder (Alnus glutinosa), Grey Alder (Alnus incana) and the Italian Alder (Alnus cordata).

  • Amelanchier hedging plants Amelanchier lamarckii

    Amelanchier Hedging

    The June Berry, Amelanchier lamarckii brings a flurry of gorgeous white flowers in spring as the bronzy coloured new leaves emerge, lovely as a tree, shrub or hedge.

  • Aspen Hedging

    Aspen is a member of the Poplar family, the toothed leaves quiver and rustle in the slightest summer breeze and turn to rich hues of buttery yellow in Autumn.

  • Beech hedging plants green and Purple Fagus sylvatica

    Beech Hedging

    A favourite hedging plant in UK gardens, we grow both the green and purple varieties in a massive range of sizes. Both varieties retain their russet brown leaves in the winter.

  • Berberis darwinii hedging plants

    Berberis Hedging

    Berberis plants make great hedges! All are very prickly, we grow types with colourful summer foliage as well as Berberis darwinii and Berberis x stenophylla that are evergreen.

  • Silver birch young trees and hedging Betula pendula

    Birch Hedging

    Birches are tough and easy to grow trees with magnificent stem colour that appears on older specimens, all have a graceful habit of growth and attractive autumn foliage.

  • Blackthorn hedging plants Prunus spinosa

    Blackthorn Hedging

    Blackthorn or Prunus spinosa is a tough and floriferous native shrub often seen in mixed wild hedgerows, masses of the Damson-like Sloes appear in Autumn.

  • Common box hedging plants buxus sempervirens

    Box Hedging

    Box or Buxus hedging plants are practically indispensable in any formal garden needing a low hedge, all varieties are evergreen and may be clipped into any shape.

  • Brachyglottis Hedging

    This tough little evergreen shrub is grown for its attractive felted grey foliage, a foil for the bright yellow daisy flowers that appear in Summer. Drought and wind tolerant, good low maintenance space fillers or an interesting small flowering hedge.

  • Sea buckthorn hedging plants Hippophae rhamnoides

    Buckthorn Hedging

    Excellent plants for native hedges, we grow Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) Alder Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula) and Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)

  • Wild cherry hedging plants and trees Prunus avium

    Cherry Hedging

    We have the native Wild, Bird and Cornelian cherries here, all are great additions to native hedges or may be grown as individual trees or shrubs.

  • Choisya Hedging

    Bushy evergreens seen in many shrub borders, less common as a hedge but makes a lovely rounded shape with aromatic leaves and fragrant flowers in late spring.

  • Young Christmas trees Picea abies Abies nordmanniana

    Christmas Tree Hedging

    Young plants of the slower growing non drop Nordmann Christmas tree Abies nordmanniana and the faster growing Norway Spruce, Picea abies.

  • Cotoneaster lacteus hedging plants

    Cotoneaster Hedging

    Cotoneasters are tough and reliable plants that will tolerate difficult growing conditions including dense shade where there colourful flowers and berries are particularly welcome.

  • Cotton Lavender hedging plants Santolinia chamaecyparissus

    Cotton Lavender Hedging

    A versatile little hedging shrub, its aromatic silvery foliage contrasts well with many other plants and the profusion of button shaped yellow flowers in summer adds to its appeal.

  • Wild crabapple hedging plants Malus sylvestris

    Crabapple Hedging

    The Wild Crabapple is one of our native trees sought after for the crabapple jelly made from its fruits, it also makes an excellent hedging plant, particularly in mixed hedges.

  • Daisy bush hedging Olearia macrodonta

    Daisy Bush Hedging

    These drought tolerant evergreens are a good hedging choice for chalky soil and by the sea, they thrive in salt laden winds producing masses of creamy flowers in summer.

  • Deutzia hedging plants Deutzia scabra Plena

    Deutzia Hedging

    A tough and easy to grow shrub, Deutzia scabra 'Plena' makes a spectacular mid summer display of white flower plumes, each bell shaped flower is suffused rosy purple.

  • Dogwood Annys Winter Orange Cornus sanguinea Annys Winter Orange

    Dogwood Hedging

    Great shrubs for winter interest, Dogwoods come alive in the winter months with the beauty of their coloured stems, cut them hard in spring for a new show of colour next winter.

  • Elaeagnus ebbingeii hedging plants

    Elaeagnus Hedging

    A staple plant in the landscaping around most supermarkets and retail parks but dont let that put you off, these are tough low maintenance evergreens worthy of gardens too.

  • Elder hedging plants Sambucus nigra

    Elder Hedging

    A great native shrub for attracting wildlife with its familiar flat heads of white flowers and bunches of shiney black elderberries, easy to grow and good for chalky soil.

  • Escallonia Apple Blossom hedging plants

    Escallonia Hedging

    Escallonias are a great choice for coastal gardens where they thrive in the salty winds, with a long flowering season and year round privacy they are also popular inland.

  • Euonymus Hedging

    These are easily maintained evergreens with year round appeal, we grow the smaller gold and silver varieties and the larger japonicus types, all make great hedging plants.

  • Flowering Currant Hedging

    Few shrubs give so much early spring colour at such modest cost, Flowering Currant makes an excellent and rather alternative hedge - or a more mainstream border shrub.

  • Forsythia Hedging

    A colourful harbinger of Spring, the bare branches of Forsythia spectabilis are clothed in a mass of golden yellow flowers early in the year, an easy and reliable plant.

  • Fuchsia Hedging

    Fuchsia magellanica is the hardy variety often seen growing as hedges in milder localities. In flower virtually from Spring until Autumn, the slender violet and scarlet flowers give colour over a long period. good as a shrub or hedge.

  • Gorse Hedging

    With its brilliant display of bright yellow flowers, Gorse is one of the most floriferous native plants and one of the most thorny, these plants thrive in dry and acidic soils

  • Griselinia littoralis hedging

    Griselinia Hedging

    These accommodating evergreens are rising stars in hedging plant circles, Griselinia has the kind of upright shape that lends itself as a hedging plant, and they look great all year.

  • Guelder Rose Hedging

    One of our most beautiful native shrubs, the maple-like foliage is a foil for the lacecap flowers that develop into translucent shiny berries, a must for any native mixed hedge

  • Hazel Hedging

    A good hedge in its own right or mixed hedgerows. Hazel sticks can be used as rustic unobtrusive plant supports. Probably the only harvest you will get before the squirrels!

  • Hebe Hedging

    We stock a wide selection of these popular evergreen shrubs in a range of colours. Use them for small evergreen flowering hedges, mixed borders or as ground cover. All grow well by the sea but prefer a little shelter from the coldest weather when planted inland.

  • holly green hedging

    Holly Hedging

    Given time, Hollies will grow into an impenetrable hedge. We have native green hollies as well as the Golden, Silver and Blue types in many sizes, including some big ones!

  • Holly Japanese Hedging

    Becoming a more common alternative to Box hedging, Japanese Holly may be trimmed to make an almost identical low hedge, and like Box it can make a larger hedge with patience.

  • hornbeam hedging

    Hornbeam Hedging

    One of our best sellers, Hornbeam is easy to establish and thrives where it is too wet for Beech, it also retains its nut brown foliage in winter. Our plants are the best you will find.

  • Hydrangea Hedging

    Hydrangeas are back in vogue with their rounded and long lasting flowerheads that appear later in the summer when many other garden shrubs are past their best.

  • Hypericum Hedging

    This is a very accommodating semi evergreen shrub that grows willingly in most situations and is seldom out of flower between May and November, great as a hedge or for difficult areas.

  • laurel common hedging

    Laurel Hedging

    Laurel is one of our best selling evergreen hedging plants, they are easy to grow and give great privacy, they look good all year round and come in a huge range of sizes.

  • lavender hedging

    Lavender Hedging

    We have a great selection of these fragrant plants suitable for hedges or border planting from the earlier flowering 'French' Lavender, the classic 'English' varieties and the later flowering 'Intermedia' types.

  • Leylandii hedging plants Green and gold

    Leylandii Hedging

    Leylandii are great hedging plants and nothing give faster coverage, trim once a year for effective privacy and noise suppression, twice a year for a really sharp and clean look.

  • lonicera nitida

    Lonicera Hedging

    These evergreen Loniceras have tiny leaves making them ideal for very neat hedges, Nitida varieties make super hedges, pileata is often used as ground cover or much lower hedges.

  • Maple Hedging

    Although it is a great deciduous hedge in its own right, the Field Maple is more commonly seen mixed into native hedgerows, beautiful golden yellow autumn foliage.

  • Mock Orange Hedging

    Whether you grow it as a hedge or as part of a shrub border, Mock Orange will fill your garden with its delicious fragrance each summer and tolerate pretty much any soil.

  • Monterey Cypress Hedging

    An attractive golden conifer with aromatic lemon scented foliage, Goldcrest makes an excellent evergreen hedge or a beautiful architectural addition to other parts of the garden.

  • Mountain Ash Hedging

    Sorbus aucuparia, the Mountain Ash or Rowan - a tree that grows practically anywhere delighting humans and birds with its colourful berries in late summer.

  • Oak Hedging

    Young trees of the stately English and Red Oaks, the latter having fine Autumn colour. They will grow into magnificent specimen trees, the English Oak is often seen in native hedgerows.

  • Osmanthus Burkwoodii Hedging

    The tiny white flowers of Osmanthus x burkwoodii are sumptuously fragrant making this small leaved evergreen a choice addition to your garden, as a shrub or a hedge.

  • Pear Hedging

    The wild species of Pear, in Spring its branches are smothered in white blossom that develops into small, succulent pears. Very much at home in a mixed native hedgerow.

  • Perovskia Hedging

    Valuable shrubs for late summer colour when many plants are spent, an uncommon informal hedge that works well with the Echinops Veitches Blue in the photo above.

  • Photinia Hedging

    These are one of our most popular evergreen hedging plants, Photinia is a bushy growing evergreen shrub with spectacular bright red young growth.

  • Pine Hedging

    The Scots Pine, Pinus sylvestris is not really a hedging plant but it does make a welcome evergreen screening plant especially when combined with other native species.

  • Pittosporum Hedging

    These very popular evergreen shrubs are prized for their attractive evergreen foliage that contrasts with the characteristic black stems. Use them for hedges, back of border shrubs or even ground cover.

  • Plum Hedging

    The bare branches of these shrubs are clothed with flowers in spring, The Myrobalan plum is popular for its edible 'Cherry Plums' that appear later in the season.

  • Poplar Hedging

    The Lombardy Poplar, Populus nigra italica is a fast growing and very distinctive deciduous tree, great for architectural planting where space permits, or for a tall narrow screen.

  • Potentilla Hedging

    Potentilla are compact bushy small growing shrubs with vibrantly colourful flowers. Useful for low hedges, ground cover or just as a splash of colour in beds and borders.

  • privet green hedging

    Privet Hedging

    One of our best sellers, Privet is tolerant of shade and poor soil, trims very well making a tidy and easily maintained hedge, we stock the Green, Golden and Wild varieties.

  • pyracantha hedging

    Pyracantha Hedging

    Pyracantha makes a very thorny and impenetrable evergreen hedge, each spring the plants are covered in white blossom that is followed by a profusion of colourful berries.

  • quickthorn (hawthorn) hedging

    Quickthorn (hawthorn) Hedging

    Farmers know a good hedge when they see one, Crataegus monogyna is the backbone of many rural hedges, the flowers and fruits attract many forms of wildlife.

  • Rose Hedging

    A wide selection of seed grown species Roses grown for their more delicate flowers and showy hips, all make great additions to mixed or as single species hedges.

  • Rosemary Hedging

    These evergreen bushy and aromatic shrubs are familiar to many as a culinary herb, Rosmarinus officinalis will also make an interesting hedge in a sunny well drained site.

  • Snowberry Hedging

    Snowberry is a great low maintenance hedging shrub that is grows anywhere from full sun to very shady making it an excellent and low cost choice for difficult sites.

  • Spindle Hedging

    One of our most colourful hedgerow natives that does particularly well on chalky soil, in Autumn the leaves turn to rich pinkish-red, the same colour as the intriguing fruits.

  • Spiraea Hedging

    These are tough and easy to grow plants, great as informal hedges or shrub borders. The japonica varieties flower from midsummer onwards, 'Snowmound' in early summer.

  • Star Jasmine Hedging

    A beautiful twining woody plant with deliciously fragrant white star shaped flowers. Trachelospermum is a climber requiring support, great for covering sunny walls, fences or other structures, or even as ground cover!

  • Sweet Box Hedging

    These are great and very undervalued little evergreens, the glossy green leaves highlight the exquisitely fragrant white flowers that fill the garden with fragrance in late winter.

  • thuja plicata atrovirens hedging

    Thuja Hedging

    Although rather less common than Leylandii and slightly slower growing, Thuja is a great choice for an evergreen conifer hedge as it regenerates from old wood if cut back hard.

  • Viburnum Hedging

    Viburnum tinus and its varieties are superb winter interest plants in bud or flower from Autumn until Spring, Bodnantense Dawn is great deciduous Winter shrub or hedge.

  • Wayfaring Tree Hedging

    Viburnum lantana is our native Wayfaring Tree, a familiar wild hedgerow plant especially common on chalky soils, the fruits mature to red and black from white flower clusters.

  • Weigela Hedging

    Attractive deciduous shrubs with recognisable tubular flowers that appear May-July. Will tolerate sun or partial shade. Trim after flowering to encourage repeat blooms.

  • Willow Hedging

    Willows are easy to grow plants particularly suited to wet sites, we stock the graceful weeping willow as well as the Osier, Golden and Scarlet willows valued for their stem colour, especially in winter.

  • yew english hedging plants

    Yew Hedging

    The aristocrat of hedging plants, with reasonable drainage Yew is one of the best for all hedges, screens and topiary. Annual growth of 30cm or more in good soil.