Hedging Plants

At Hopes Grove Nurseries we are the hedging plant specialists,  a proper ‘growing’ nursery covering 80 acres set the heart of the beautiful Weald of Kent. Our skilled nursery staff grow a huge selection of beautiful top quality plants in a wide variety of sizes from a few centimetres to several metres and because we only sell directly from our nursery, our plants are always sent to you fresh from the nursery beds and at prices you will find very hard to beat.

Because we have been growing and delivering hedging plants since 1992 we are very experienced in delivering our plants to many thousands of customers in perfect condition, where and when they want them. We have over 2000 independent reviews on Feefo where you can see what our customers say about our plants and our service in their own words.

You can order securely online but should you need a little extra help or advice then give our experienced sales team a call on 01580 765600 (everyone in our sales team has worked outside on the nursery so they know their hedges!) They would also be delighted to give you a bespoke quote if you need a lot of plants.

On this page you can find our complete selection of hedging species listed alphabetically by common name, if you know what you’re looking for you can scroll directly to it or simply browse our informative pages by species to help you choose.

If you aren’t sure which type of hedge would suit your plot, why not take a look at our choosing the right hedge page where we have listed lots of suitable species for many situations and purposes to help you make the right choice.

We also stock a great selection of expertly selected mixed native hedging if you want a natural ‘rustic’ hedgerow, you can find all of these on our mixed native hedging page.

You may also be interested in some helpful tips on how to get the site ready, how to plant and aftercare, especially if you haven’t planted a new hedge before. On our planting a new hedge page you can browse or download a handy PDF with lots of practical help (we will also email you a copy when you order, and pop a hard copy in with your plants so you have it handy)

Our hedging plants come in four main types, if you aren’t already familiar with the different variations here is a little extra information:

  • Potted plants, these are grown and delivered in their pots and you can plant them all year round because there is no root disturbance. Pot grown hedging plants will usually get established and grow away more quickly than other types of hedging. Potted hedging can be planted straight away or later on (as long as you keep them watered!)
  • Bare root hedging plants, this is the ‘traditional’ and cheapest way to buy hedging and they really are great value. Bare root hedging plants are field grown in the soil, then lifted and the soil is shaken off before being delivered ready to be planted. The season for these plants runs from November until late April which is the correct time for planting. Bare root hedge plants should be planted within a few days of receiving
  • Root ball hedging plants, these are beautiful larger, older and bushier plants that have been grown for longer in our fields and at a wider spacing to provide more instant effect. We carefully dig these plants with our specialised machine with the immediate soil and root system which is wrapped in hessian mesh for protection. Root ball plants are available from October until early May.
  • Instant hedging plants, if you really can’t wait for a new hedge to grow then this could be the best option for you. We have carefully grown (and clipped!) these plants in one metre sections for several years before delivery to give a hedge with immediate impact, all you need to do is plant them!