Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) is another variety of hedging plant which makes an excellent security hedge, due to its dense, prickly, bushy foliage. Commonly found in native hedgerows, Blackthorn grows best in full sunlight, and is tolerant to most soils, including sand, chalk, clay and loam, making it a hardy and versatile choice for a number of different landscaping projects.

Blackthorn hedging plants can grow big enough to make a hedge that’s between 90 – 300cm (3 – 10ft) wide, growing at a rate of 30cm (1ft) per year, meaning that they have the capability to cover wide expanses. Blackthorn hedges are early to blossom, resulting in very pretty small white flowers covering the hedge from the spring, transforming the look of your hedgerow. These blooms are followed in the autumn by sloe berries, a damson-like black fruit, which are used to make sloe gin. Ideally, Blackthorn hedging can be trimmed at any time from late summer until winter.

As well as their visually-appealing transformations and practical, security purposes, Blackthorn hedges are also popular in areas teeming with wildlife. The dense, bushy construction of Blackthorn hedges makes them suitable for providing shelter for a number of birds and other wildlife, meaning that they are a popular choice with people who want to encourage and support the creatures in their local area. Watch out, however, as birds love to eat the sloe berries!

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