Plants for Light Sandy Soil

Sandy soil in the garden can be a blessing and a curse as it is easy to dig over and will drain quickly unlike clay soil however because of these two factors it will not hold onto either nutrients or water for any length of time. More often than not sandy areas are to be found near coastal regions although sometimes similar conditions are found in mountainous areas and there are a number of plants that have adapted to both the warmer climes of coastal regions and the cooler ones of the mountains.

By adding in plenty of well-rotted organic matter such as manure, compost or leaf mould in the initial stages of planting which is the most vital time when plants are trying to get their roots down this will to a degree ensure moisture retention as well as adding much needed nutrients into the soil. After planting a good deep mulch of bark is useful and water regularly as necessary until the roots are established.

Lavenders and Geraniums are two plants ideal for a sandy area as they are more used to arid conditions. Catmint which is easy to grow as a shrub or informal hedge with its long flower spikes from June to September, and similarly Perovskia Blue Spire. Rosa Rugosa will also grow well on sandy soil, one of the few roses to tolerate such conditions and another sturdy hedging plant once established is Berberis thunbergii. For formal planting a well clipped Box hedge is a must around a vegetable patch or as part of an intricate design.