Much like its counterpart, the Berberis Purple, the Berberis Ottawensis Superba has those gorgeous purple/plum coloured leaves and produces tiny yellow flowers in the spring, followed by berries in summer, and beautiful fiery red leaves come autumn. It’s a deciduous hedge that makes for a great back of border hedging, while also preventing intruders thanks to its thorns and prickly nature. It likes to be pruned after it has finished flowering in the spring, but generally this hedge is a really easy hedge to look after.

Withstanding most soil types and windy sites, this is a great hedge for any placement apart from that of waterlogged sites. The plant can withstand most conditions and soil types other than that of poor drainage.

This hedge can grow up to eight feet and on average grows up to two feet a year, which is double the size of its counterparts, to provide you with a striking ornamental and practical hedge.

The tricky part is when you come to plant your new hedge. Make sure you have good gardening gloves to help protect your hands from the thorns stabbing you, when you plant it.

We would recommend planting these hedges eighteen inches apart to provide you with a thick dense, intruder protective hedge.

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