Japanese Holly Topiary

Ilex crenata or Japanese Holly Topiary provides a very similar look and effect to the traditional Box Topiary plants. They have a similar deep green foliage colour and are similarly small leaved and naturally bushy in growth, these traits them good topiary subjects for a very wide range of shapes and forms.

Ilex crenata topiary has become much more popular lately as an alternative to Box because the plants are not susceptible to the same problems that have plagued Buxus Hedging and Topiary, namely Box Blight and Box Moth/Caterpillar.

We offer an increasing range of Japanese Holly topiary shapes, and they are ideal for use in the same way as Box. They are well suited to growing in containers and would look just as good either side of an entrance or doorway or as a statement between different areas or themes within a garden. These Topiary Plants are effective punctuating runs of Japanese Holly Hedging Plants that are also very popular due to their resistance to Box pests and diseases. The same types of formal designs and knot gardens that were traditionally created with Box plants can all be created entirely from Ilex crenata.

Where Box Topiary was never that well suited for shadier areas, (growth is not so bushy and in damp weather with no direct sun and a lack of air movement  to dry them, they are left susceptible to blight) Japanese Holly is more suited and is a very tough and hardy species putting up with cold and shady areas perfectly.

Japanese Holly topiary plants are easy to care for, we would recommend trimming them twice a year to keep their shapes clean and sharp and so maximise their formal effect.