Box Hedging

Box hedging (also known as Buxus hedging or Boxwood hedging) is a classic, almost indispensable garden feature in the UK – they’re one of our most popular hedge varieties, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re perfect for home gardeners and professional gardeners alike, all varieties are evergreen and easy to maintain. If you’re unsure which type of box hedging you require, get in touch with our boxwood hedge experts.

Further Information about Box Hedging

About Boxwood Hedging

Box Hedges (Buxus hedge or ‘boxwood’ hedging) is one of the most popular evergreen hedges in the UK, bright green all year round and extremely versatile. With a slow growth rate of 10-15cm a year, it creates gorgeous dense hedges that can be trimmed into any desired shape.

See our video below to learn more about boxwood hedging from Morris, the Founder and Managing Director of Hopes Grove Nurseries:

Box hedging is a classic feature for many crafted gardens and benefits from its tolerance to most soil types. Although it does often fail to grow in wet and windy environments, it is still considered a go-to choice for many peoples landscaping and topiary designs.

Buxus hedge has vibrant colours, slow-growth and is easily trimmable, meaning it is easily manageable and, as a result, is a garden favourite for all those seeking design and flair.

We sell boxwood hedging in many variants, in all different sizes, both large and small, including; browse our product range above to find your ideal variety.

Care Tips for Boxwood Hedging

Box hedges are always popular in the UK, but like with any hedging they need their own level of care and attention. 

When planting boxwood hedging, consider the conditions of your garden. They are tolerant to most soil types and do well in full sun, partial sun and partial shade, but be careful about planting them in exposed places. If your garden isn’t sheltered from wind and rain, they may struggle to thrive.

Buxus plants are particularly susceptible to frost damage – if they go brown in Winter and start to break apart, prune them well in early Spring (remembering to prune the interior branches to improve air circulation within the plant) and they should revive just fine. 

Click here for our guide on how to revive your Buxus Plant

There are a couple of pests and diseases to watch out for as well – while Boxwood hedging is generally quite hardy, it could be affected by Box Blight or Box Tree Caterpillars – visit our Knowledge Pages for more information on these issues.

We sell boxwood hedging in many variants, in all different sizes, both large and small. Browse our product range above to find your ideal variety.

Why is Buxus Hedging so Popular?

Boxwood hedging is a garden favourite for all those seeking design and flair, a classic feature for many crafted gardens and a go-to choice for landscaping. Most frequently, the plant is used for topiary and creating parterres and knot gardens as it’s easily trimmable and holds the desired shapes such as balls, pyramids and more intricate sculpted forms.

But they aren’t just for aesthetics! Box hedging are widely used for more functional reasons, too – it works for garden borders and along fence lines, creating partitions in larger creations such as pathways and mazes. When used as low hedging, it can be used as a framing feature and does not infringe upon surrounding plants. 

The box hedge plant has a multitude of possible forms, both small and tall, and can be tailored for UK residents’ privacy. The dense nature of the leaves offer an adaptable option for anyone looking to keep their property private all year round. Regardless of the space you’re planning to fill, boxwood hedging could be the ideal solution for your garden.

Why choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

Hopes Grove Nurseries have been offering hedging plants across the UK for around 30 years. Our team are a group of green-fingered gardeners, landscapers lovers and plant enthusiasts, who grow and cultivate their plants with the love and care they deserve.

We are renowned for the freshness and quality of our plants nationwide, including our box hedges. We bring lush greenery to gardens across the UK, and we’d love to help you improve your garden. 

Based in Kent, the UK’s Garden of England, we hold over half a million hedging varieties across our 80-acre site including our Buxus hedges. Throughout the year, our dedicated staff work to deliver perfect plants for all our customers. Whether it’s instant hedging plants, potted hedges or ornamental trees, we’re bound to have the perfect plant to enrich your garden space.

Through our dedicated quality control and growing experience, we have become industry experts in boxwood hedging plants and box hedges. After almost three decades of experience, our staff have learnt the best techniques first hand. When combined with our outstanding customer service team, who will give you all the advice and support for the best plant for your needs, you can rest assured your planting and garden experiences will be a success.

Browse our range of box hedging (boxwood hedge) above and do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists if you have any queries regarding our plants or your purchase.