Conifer Hedges

Conifer hedging is a type of evergreen hedging that naturally forms a conical shape and produces fruit called “cones”. Explore our selection of the finest coniferous hedging species, ranging from the very fast-growing Leylandii hedging to the slower and more majestic Yew hedging. At Hopes Grove Nurseries, we are proud to offer both quality and versatility for your various landscaping needs.

Further Information about Conifer Hedges

Conifer hedging is a versatile and much-used type of hedging plant for privacy and filtering of pollution. There are many types of coniferous hedging species that can be used, the most well-known being the fast-growing Cupressocyparis (Green Leylandii) which is also available in gold (Castlewellan Gold).

Coniferous hedges, while appreciated for their pleasing appearance and adaptability, can sometimes face challenges such as damage by insects.  For insights on dealing with cypress aphids and maintaining the health of your conifer hedges, check out our tips for controlling cypress aphids page.

 Easy Maintenance 

Consider Thuja Plicata Atrovirens (Western Red Cedar, as a great alternative to Leylandii. With a slightly slower growth rate of  40-60cm per year, it offers easier maintenance than the Green Leylandii, which grows at approximately 75-90cm per year. One of the advantages of Thuja is that you can cut back hard into the old wood and will still re-grow, which is handy if your Thuja hedge has become too large.

Another useful hedging conifer is Thuja Brabant (White Cedar, Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’). This tough and hardy conifer has an upright habit, it retains its glossy dark green foliage all through winter.

For those seeking a smaller, or more compact conifer hedge, the Emerald Thuja Smaragd (Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’) is a great option. This plant is easily maintained at heights of 120cm upwards, and has attractive sprays of emerald green foliage. It’s a striking addition to any garden and doesn’t take up too much space.

The Quintessentially English Conifer 

Embrace traditional English charm with  English Yew hedging plants (Taxus baccata). Suitable to grow in most soil types (providing the site is free draining)  this conifer hedging species can be meticulously clipped into beautiful topiaries, a proud feature of many British stately homes.

The slower-growing Taxus baccata fastigiata (Irish Yew hedge) typically grows in an upright columnar shape and is a favourite to use as an architectural feature. It makes a tightly knitted hedge and needs very little if any pruning. 

Both varieties of Yew hedging plants boast exceptional longevity, contributing to the timeless appeal of conifer hedging. They offer year-round screening, creating a green backdrop that enhances the beauty of surrounding shrubs and plants, adding architectural interest to your garden.

Further Advice on buying and growing Conifer Hedges 

Without a doubt, conifer hedging can provide all year round screening, a green canvas against which other shrubs and plants shine.

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