Thuja Plicata Atrovirens hedging plants or Western Red Cedar are great for giving coverage quickly growing at up to 60cm a year, but without getting out of hand, they may be kept at any size from 150cm up to several metres with a single trim each autumn – twice a year for a sharper and more formal look.

Thuja hedging conifers have distinctive foliage, if you look closely the coniferous leaves are arranged in flattened sprays and when crushed they give off a pleasant fruity scent. Thuja Plicata ‘Atrovirens’ has rich, glossy deep green foliage and makes a splendid evergreen hedge or screen.

Thuja Plicata Atrovirens hedging plants will regenerate if cut back hard, even into the older brown wood, a really useful feature where a Thuja hedge has grown too large. Thuja is a popular alternative to Green Leylandii which is faster growing but less manageable when fully grown, and does not re grow if cut back hard.

Grow Thuja in any soil, these tough plants will thrive in thinner sandy and chalky soils as well as clay, in fact any soil that does not become waterlogged during wet spells.

We grow Thuja Atrovirens in a very wide selection of sizes including pot grown hedging that can be planted all year round without root disturbance.

The root ball Thuja Plicata Atrovirens hedging plants on this page have been grown in the fields on our nursery for several years at extra wide spacings to produce beautiful large bushy plants – these are perfect for instant impact from the moment of planting. They are available when dormant from October until late April when we lift them with our specialist machine with the soil and immediate root system which is wrapped in hessian mesh. (Simply plant them as supplied, the mesh rots away soon after planting)

Our instant hedging Thujas are supplied in convenient one metre lengths and are available in heights of up to 200cm. These give instant privacy from the moment they are planted, the perfect hedging solution where waiting for your new hedge to grow is not an option!

For any other questions about instant Thuja hedging or any other plants in our range, please do call our team of friendly hedging experts on 01580 765600.