Evergreen Hedging Species

Evergreen hedges are primarily grown for year round privacy but they also provide attractive barriers to both noise and pollution and make excellent windbreaks giving shelter to wildlife and of course to the garden. Evergreen hedging is a softer more gentle way of providing a private screen for your property and are much less likely to get damaged in harsher windier weather than a fence or wall. Not all evergreens have to be clipped into tight formal hedging less formal evergreens such as Escallonia, Cotoneaster Lacteus, Photinia Red Robin or Viburnum Tinus make stunning evergreen hedges in a more relaxed manner and if left untrimmed or not trimmed too harshly these pretty evergreens produce flowers and berries giving yet more interest in addition to drawing in birds and wildlife to enjoy the fruits.

Evergreen hedging with thorns such as Pyracantha or Berberis not only provide screening but add security to properties when knitted together. Smaller evergreen plants such as Box, Japanese Holly, Lonicera Baggessons Gold make excellent edging for paths borders and beds giving form and definition to the garden when other plants have lost their leaves or flowers. Variegated evergreens such as Euonymus Gold or Silver or Spotted Laurel also give continued colour with their multi coloured leaves being retained throughout the year. Most evergreens hedging plants benefit from feeding in springtime to ensure the quality and colour of their foliage and consistent watering as this will also aid leaf retention if it is dry in autumn and spring. There are many more evergreen shrubs, trees and hedging plants to be found on our website.