Viburnum Tinus or Laurustinus is from the family Adoxaceae native to southern Europe and north Africa with images of it appearing in early depictions of the ruins of Pompeii. It is a large, bushy evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves similar to Bay Laurel, hence the title Laurustinus. An attractive shrub it adds colour to the garden in winter when the white flowers develop from pink buds over an extended period from November through to May, followed by small black fruit in summer. Now naturalised in The British Isles it dates back at least to the late 16th century thereafter gaining in popularity for its winter born flower. A very robust plant it will put up with urban pollution, shade, coastal and windy sites and is a good shrub to plant near deciduous trees to give winter cover. Viburnum Tinus is superb as a specimen shrub or will make an excellent informal evergreen hedge.

Lauristinus although beautiful is a very hardy plant surviving through most conditions as long as the soil is fairly reasonable but moist and well drained. Suitable for hedging between 120-250cm and planting 2-5 plants per metre depending on the size of plant purchased, it will grow at a rate of 20-30cm per year. Trimming would normally be in spring after flowering.

Viburnum Tinus is pot grown and therefore can be purchased throughout the year for planting as necessary. This is the least traumatic method of planting as there is no root disturbance so the plant will get established in the ground fairly quickly.

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