Viburnum Tinus is a flowering shrub which is part of the Adoxaceae family. Laurustinus or laurestine and laurustinus viburnum, are all names by which this very pretty evergreen shrub are known. It is native to Europe particularly the area around the Mediterranean and North Africa. Viburnum Tinus Eve Price is an easy to grow hardy compact evergreen shrub and will make a stunning informal hedge or a very lovely stand alone shrub.

It has small neat dark green leaves which provide an elegant background to the beautiful pink tinged flowers which appear in spring from the much darker carmine pink buds held on the shrub from November through to May.

This more compact form of Viburnum is wildlife friendly as birds will nest amid the foliage and will use the blue-black winter berries as a food source. Being slow growing and compact Eve Price will make a mature shrub of some 3m x 3m gently over 10- 20 years. This first class shrub will grow in reasonable soil including chalk, clay and sand it will tolerate full sun and shade.

Viburnum Eve Price is wind resistant making it an excellent choice as a windbreak and indeed will also do an excellent job reducing noise. If planting as a hedge we recommend planting 3 per metre which will be suitable for a hedge 100-250cm high. Trimming in spring will keep the hedge neat and tidy.

We sell Viburnum Eve Price in several pot sizes throughout the year making planting a less stressful occurrence as should circumstances prevent putting the plants into the ground when they arrive then just keep them watered until when you are ready to plant. Should you need any help in choosing a pot size then don’t hesitate to give us a ring we are here to help.