Choosing the Right Hedge

Choosing the right hedge – Hedges have a wealth of uses, being highly effective whether being used to delineate boundaries, for architectural effect, being strategically placed for use as an intruder deterrent or to help provide shelter and food for birds and wildlife.

There are many considerations when choosing the right hedge suitable for your needs and the choice of plants is endless. It is therefore a good idea to try and determine the key requirements of purpose the proposed hedge is being planted for before selecting the most suitable plants for the job.

Are you looking for all year round screening for privacy, something formal or informal, a hedge that provides delightful seasonal variation with colourful flowers or beautiful autumnal colour, something providing architectural interest or are you hoping to attract birds and wildlife to the garden?

Possibly the first few decisions are, do you require and evergreen or deciduous hedge? What is the ideal ultimate height you are hoping to keep the hedge at? Do you require a fast or slow growing variety thinking about the maintenance? How dense do you require the fully grown hedge to be?

Evergreens such as Yew and Box are extremely popular choices, often used to create formal tightly knitted hedges and being fairly slow growing are low maintenance only requiring trimming once a year. Laurels and Leylandii are also commonly used evergreens to create faster growing screening to great effect. If choosing a deciduous variety the choice is huge, the most popular are Mixed Native Hedging plants, Beech and Hornbeam. The latter two often retaining a large proportion of russet brown leaves in the autumn therefore offering the possibility of more cover than other deciduous varieties.

Once the basic decisions have been made, the soil type, climate and site need to be looked at to determine what plants will tolerate the conditions. It is always a good idea to walk around your neighbourhood to see what is growing and thriving, giving a good indication of plants that will work in your garden or fields.

All these factors considered, budget and patience are always a huge factor as well. There are four options available when buy hedging, the cheapest financial option is to buy bare root hedging plants, then there are root ball and potted options with the fourth being Instant Hedging.

  • conifer hedging plants

    Conifer Hedges

    Included in our list are some of the finest evergreen hedging species from the very fast growing Green Leylandii hedging to the slower and majestic English Yew as well as excellent screening species including Scots Pine and Norway Spruce.

  • Evergreen hedging species

    Evergreen Hedging Species

    One of the most desirable traits in a new hedge, evergreens give privacy and structure all year. Browse our massive selection of evergreen hedging species of all sizes from small starter plants through to instant hedging solutions.

  • Fast Growing Hedges

    The fastest growing species of hedging plants, ideal where you need cover and privacy as quickly as possible. Many of these species are evergreen and available in larger sizes and/or instant hedging to maximise instant effect.

  • Hedges Suitable for Use as Windbreaks

    Find out more about our range of plants suitable as windbreaks, these can be deciduous or evergreen. Some prefer a row of a single species, others a more varied design. All in our list will do the job admirably.

  • Hedges for Screening and Privacy

    Privacy and screening are the most common motives for planting a new hedge, especially at the boundary of your property, or to divide front and back. Take a look at out list of evergreen and leaf retaining plants that are ideal.

  • Hedges that Filter Noise and Pollution

    Many plants can make a valuable contribution towards reducing noise and filtering pollution, especially particulates where the very valuable contribution of hedging is only just being appreciated, browse our list for more information.

  • Hedges with Berries

    Berries can be a very welcome addition to a hedge whether for colur and interest (especially in winter) or to encourage birds and other wildlife. You can view the whole range here.

  • Hedges with Colourful Autumn Foliage

    A selection of hedging (and other) plants, trees and shrubs noted for their Autumn colour to give valuable late season colour in your garden, browse the full selection here.

  • Hedges with Edible Fruits

    We have an excellent selection of hedging plants with edible fruits as well as an edible species based Native Hedgerow mix. These species are great for foraging to collect nuts and fruits for jams, jellies and more. Pass me the Sloe Gin!

  • Hedges with Flowers

    Flowering hedges can be a particularly attractive garden feature, browse our complete list of flowering hedge species. Many of these hedging plants also make excellent border shrubs as well!

  • Hedges with Fragrant Flowers or Foliage

    This fragrant list of hedging plants, be it for their foliage or flowers (or both) could provide the inspiration for an extra sensory level in your garden, from fragrant Lavenders to deliciously scented Sweet Briar Roses and more, you can find them all here.

  • Hedges with Medium Growth Rate

    A varied and interesting selection from our massive range of hedging to suit all types of purposes but with one thing in common - none of these plants will get out of hand and so are easy to maintain.

  • Hedges without Thorns

    There are many situations where thorns are not desirable on hedging plants, possibly the hedge borders a public right of way of maybe children play in the area. Our list of thorn free hedging lists them all out conveniently in one place.

  • Plants for Chalky Soil

    Chalky soil is alkaline in nature and often can be very thin making it susceptible to excessive drying out during the summer months. Browse our list of plants and hedging suitable for chalky conditions.

  • Plants for Clay Soil

    Clay soil can be hard to dig over and work, but with the addition of some organic matter when preparing the site and choosing the correct species - it is one of the best soils for growing things in so dont despair!

  • Plants for Coastal Areas

    Here we have all of the hedging species suitable for gardens close to or at the coast. All of these species will succeed in the windy salt-spray conditions and we have a selection of deciduous and evergreen species for your seaside plot.

  • Plants for Dry Sites

    If your plot is prone to excessive drying out the provision of adequate watering together with the use of mulches to conserve water will go a long way to helping new plants and hedges in our dry area list get a 'foothold'

  • Plants for Light Sandy Soil

    Light and sandy soil can be a blessing, easy to dig over and work on all year. But often it will become very dry in the summer months. Browse our selection of hedging plants that are perfectly suited.

  • Plants for Neat Formal Hedges

    Our selection of proven hedging species that may be kept very neatly and formally trimmed for a real 'show garden' look, we have both deciduous and evergreen species suitable for a wide range of hedge sizes.

  • Plants for Partially Shady Sites

    If your garden get the sun for some of the day but not all the time, or there are much larger plants, trees or buildings nearby? Check out our massive list of hedging species that are all suited to these conditions.

  • Plants for Sunny Sites

    Our selection of hedging species suitable for growing in a situation of full sun, many of these species are evergreen and/or flowering at certain times of year for maximum interest.

  • Plants for Very Shady Sites

    Dense and often dry shade can be one of the most challenging situations in which to establish new plants and hedging. Take a look at our list of tough shade tolerant plants that will grow in these situations.

  • Plants for Wet Sites

    Wet and waterlogged/poorly drained sites are unsuitable for many mainstream hedging plants but there are still many suitable species, browse our wet sites page for more inspiration.

  • Plants for Windy and Exposed Sites

    Gardening on windy and exposed sites can be more difficult and hedges are no exception. To make things easier here is a comprehensive list of hedging plants that will grow successfully in these conditions.

  • Plants that Encourage Wildlife

    Encourage wildlife of all descriptions into your garden by planting wildlife friendly species, inclluded in our list are native species, mixed native hedging and a wide variety of other species of great wildlife value.

  • Plants with Colourful Foliage

    Whether you are looking for colourful hedging or other plants, trees and shrubs, our list of plants with interesting foliage will provide inspiration.

  • Prickly Security Hedges

    Keep unwanted visitors off your plot with our selection of distinctly unfriendly hedging plants, most are particularly suitable for securing your boundary and we have both evergreen and deciduous species. Some with flowers and berries too!

  • Slow Growing Hedges

    Browse our slowest growing hedging species, these hedging plants are ideal for the smallest decorative hedges and many of them are good Box (Buxus) replacements where Box Blight is a problem.

  • Small Ornamental Hedges

    Need hedging plants for a much smaller hedge? Take a look at our list of low ornamental hedging plants for inspiration, we have evergreen, deciduous, flowering and prickly varieties - something for everyone!