Slow Growing Hedges

There are a lot of people that like the idea of a hedge in their garden but do not want the additional work of one that is going to get too high too fast and requires lots of trimming to keep it under control. A hedge planted with shrubs having a slow growth rate is the perfect answer, especially if you are creating a garden with areas to give interest, dimension, definition and colour, being easier and less intensive to maintain. Adding privacy and often being much more attractive that a fence or wall, it is possible to outline a perimeter of a property with a slow growing hedge that attains a decent height either with a lot of patience planting out small young plants, buying larger plants to give some impression on planting or by purchasing the most impressive Instant Hedging, negating the need for any patience! There are a fair number of plants with a moderate growth rate that can attain up to 2 meters in height such as, Holly with various options of green, blue or varieties with variegated leaves, Portuguese Laurel, Osmanthus Burkwoodii with its very fragrant small flowers, Viburmun Tinus, Spotted Laurel excellent in shadier areas, Spirea Snowmound with superb spring flowers and the very traditional Yew, often used in topiary. If wanting to edge borders, line pathways or create a parterre, a slow growing shrub well known for its excellent qualities for this is Box, it can be clipped to shape and sits well in either modern or traditional gardens. Euonymous Silver and Gold, Sweet Box, Japanese Holly often used if box blight is a problem are good alternatives to box for something a little different. Other shrubs with a modest growth rate eminently suitable for the less formal but very attractive hedge are Dogwood Midwinter Fire, Potentilla, Hydrangeas, Photinia Little Red Robin, Rosemary and Lavenders for their strong fragrance and Gorse, very attractive with masses of yellow pea like flowers which is also an excellent intruder deterrent with its prickly spines.