Lavender is the common and widely recognised name for Lavandula, Lavender Munstead is one of the many species from the family Lamiaceae which is also part of the mint family. Lavenders are instantly recognisable all over the world not only for their contribution to the beauty of gardens and landscapes, either as individual plants or as low hedges or edgings around a garden. But they also have additional benefits that they give to culinary and medicinal uses. Also as an essential oil Lavender angustifolia is one of the best and most versatile especially for its therapeutic effect and for skin problems such as bruises cuts and irritations.

Lavender Munstead is a favourite in the kitchen with its aromatic citrusy fragrance it is a welcome addition when added to salads, dressings and almost any other dish savoury or sweet that requires a lift and a bit of zing. Lavenders with their Mediterranean heritage prefer to be planted in free draining slightly drier soil and in full sun which enhances both their colour and wonderful perfume. The dried flowers from this variety make wonderful scented bags for drawers and wardrobes. This is a compact evergreen plant with tight bushy growth producing masses of showy mid-blue flowers from June onwards growing to 60cm.

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead is supplied as a potted plant which means there is little trauma to the root system when planting so can go in the garden at any time, but do be aware that although it will tolerate some cold temperatures it is probably best planted out in slightly warmer weather to establish.

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