Lavender Hidcote (Lavandula Angustifolia), also known as English Lavender, is a popular evergreen plant providing you with great ground cover and a blaze of purple, brightening up any garden it resides in.

It has a bushy nature and is great for planting alongside a garden path, or as a feature within your garden. Not only do they look pleasing, but the scent they emit is sensual and relaxing, enticing insects, especially bees, to visit. Lavender has been used for thousands of years as an antibacterial and antiseptic healer. Now it is seeing a revival as an aid in helping people unwind, relax and get to sleep with its soothing scent.

You can enjoy the violet flowers throughout the summer months and their silver stems and hedge the rest of the year. They only like to be planted in full sunlight and in a sheltered part of your garden, and thrive really well in well drained soil including, clay, chalk, loam and sand. English Lavender can reach heights of half a metre and width of half a metre to one metre, and take anywhere between two and five years to grow. We would suggest planting your Lavender Hidcote hedges twelve inches apart.

Lavender Hidcote flower on the new wood so it is essential to prune these annually to help improve the lavender when flowering, as well as helping to prolong its life. It is safe to prune this hedge during the middle of spring (once the last frost has been), before the new growth starts to show through. You don’t need to worry about pruning scars either, as the new growth will cover these.

Why not take a look at our range of Lavender Hidcote plants available in pots? For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging varieties, contact our specialist team members for more information.