Horse Friendly Hedging Plants

Our Horse Friendly Hedging Plants have been carefully chosen in a mix of species that will quickly grow into a stockproof field boundary while being completely safe to horses and other stock that may be in the enclosure.

Half of the plants we supply will be Quickthorn (Hawthorn) necessary to knit the hedge together and make it stockproof while the balance is a mix of both thorny and non-thorny species to give interest of flowers, catkins, berries and Autumn foliage through the seasons.

The end result is a natural looking and effective hedge that is free from both very long damaging thorns (such as Blackthorn) or poisonous species, making this mix ideal for horse paddocks.

Full details of the species included in our Horse Friendly Hedge may be found at the bottom of the page (we don’t label the individual species), simply plant them in a randomized mixture for a natural look that will quickly become a haven for wildlife. The prices shown for our mixed native hedging is per plant and we sell them in multiples of 25.



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Native Hedge Mixes Horse Friendly Hedge Mix 2-3ft 60/90cm

  • 1 year old

  • Plant(s) per metre: 3-7
  • Minimum order quantity: 25

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Our Guaranteed to Grow assurance means you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that all our plants come with a 12 month guarantee as standard.

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