Hazel (Corylus avellana) is a well recognised, native deciduous small tree or shrub, that is famous for its pendulous yellow catkins which bloom during late winter, before leaves appear in the spring. It can be found in the UK and across Europe and Africa. It is a great shrub for hedgerows, and can be found in woodland too.

During the autumn months they produce nuts, which started out as the shrub’s fruit. These provide great nutrition for a range of wildlife, and their leaves help to feed caterpillars and provide shelter to nesting birds. Hazel has long been seen as a magical tree, as a rod from this tree is said to warn of evil spirits, and carrying its nuts is said to be lucky.

The wood of Hazel can easily be knotted and twisted without breaking during the Spring months, which had many uses back in the medieval days. It was first grown in the UK for its production of nuts on quite a big scale, right up until the early 1900s. If Hazel hedges are left to grow without being coppiced it can reach a height of up to 12 metres, and can live up to eight years. They are normally coppiced, and if they are then they can live for many hundreds of years.

The Hazel plant is suitable for hedging of five feet/150cm and more. The number of plants needed for a new hedge is down to patience and budget, 3 per metre is sufficient with a little patience, 5 per metre for a staggarded double row or 7 for a dense and fast developing hedge.

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