About Hazel Hedge Plants
Hazel hedge plants (Corylus avellana) are a well-recognised, native deciduous small trees or shrubs, that is famous for its pendulous yellow catkins which bloom during late winter before leaves appear in the spring. Their variety makes them an extremely popular choice amongst UK gardeners.

It can be found in the UK, across Europe and Africa. It is a great shrub for any garden to be used as hedgerows but can also be found frequently in woodland too.

During the autumn months, they produce nuts that start out as the shrub’s fruit. Hazel hedges are used frequently for wildlife conservation, providing both food and shelter to a range of different species. These include shelter for low-lying nesting birds, nuts for squirrels and dormice, as well as its leaves being a nutritional source for caterpillars and moths. If you’d like to encourage wildlife into your garden, Hazel hedging is a great option for you.

Hazel hedging has long been seen as a magical tree, appearing in several ancient tales and mythology. A rod from this tree is said to ward off evil spirits, and carrying its nuts is said to be extremely lucky. Amongst its mythological uses, hazel hedges also have a number of multi-purpose, functional uses. For instance, thatched fences and furniture.

The wood of Hazel can easily be knotted and twisted without breaking during the Spring months, which had many uses back in the medieval days. It was first grown in the UK for its production of nuts on quite a big scale, right up until the early 1900s.
How to Plant Hazel Hedging
Hazel hedge can be planted alongside other hazel plants, or used in combination with other native hedge plants for an extra layer of texture to your garden. The plant grows extremely quickly at around 40-60cm per year until your desired height is reached, which can be any measurement from 1-4m.

In terms of maintenance, Hazel hedging requires very little. In order to grow effectively, we’d recommend trimming only once a year in the early spring (February/March). Our hazel hedges are available to purchase throughout the year in various forms, including bare root hedges, and potted hedge plants.

The Hazel plant is suitable for hedging of five feet/150cm and more. The number of plants needed for a new hedge is down to patience and budget, 3 per metre is sufficient with a little patience, 5 per metre for a staggered double row or 7 for a dense and fast-developing hedge. If Hazel hedges are left to grow without being coppiced it can reach a height of up to 12 metres, and can live up to eight years. They are normally coppiced, and if they are then they can live for many hundreds of years.
Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?
Hopes Grove Nurseries are proud to be the UK’s leading hedging specialists since we started 30 years ago. Decades of knowledge on our specially grown hedging plants puts us in a unique position to provide tips and advice to growers and landscapers across the country.

If you’re looking for more information, give us or call or view our knowledgebase, containing extensive how-to and planting guides. If you’re looking for new hedging for your space, be rest assured that Hopes Grove Nurseries can help. From Potentilla hedging to Hawthorn hedges, Cotoneaster hedge plants, Forsythia hedges and more.

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Our dedicated team of staff work in all weathers to deliver your plants to you.  If you’d like to ask some questions before you buy, we’d be happy to help. Buy our hazel hedge plants online today, or you can Get in touch to speak to a member of our passionate, plant-loving team.