Cotoneaster Hedging

A member of the Rosaceae family, the deciduous and evergreen Cotoneaster shrubs are a welcome addition to any garden thanks to their hardy properties and beautiful simplicity.

We currently stock three varieties of Cotoneaster, all of which come directly from our family-run nursery in the Garden of England. These are:

Cotoneaster Franchetii, which is an excellent hedging plant that grows well near the sea. Originally from Central Asia, it boasts ovate grey green foliage and bright orange fruits, making it an attractive addition to any landscape. Cotoneaster Franchetti has a tolerance for most soils (except very wet), and does well from having both full and partial sun.

Cotoneaster Lacteus is a beautiful hedging plant that makes for a less formal hedging alternative. June sees delicate white flowers appear on the plant, followed by bright red berries on arch-forming branches with dark green leaves in the autumn. Cotoneaster Lacteus is an important source for birds, so would suit plantation in a wildlife garden.

Cotoneaster Simonsii is a semi-evergreen upright hedging plant, with glossy dark green leaves which bear orange-red fruits lasting into winter. Cotoneaster Simonsii can be planted in exposed or sheltered positions, and takes to most types of soil.

You can find options for all three types of Cotoneaster hedging below. Get in touch with one of our experienced members of staff if you have any further questions, or require any assistance in choosing which type of hedging works best for you.

Types of Cotoneaster Hedging

  • Cotoneaster franchetii hedging plants

    Cotoneaster Franchetii Hedging

    Cotoneaster Franchetii is an excellent hedging plant with ovate grey green foliage white flowers suffused red and bright autumnal fruits. A versatile, tough semi evergreen, especially good for coastal planting.

  • Cotoneaster lacteus hedging plants

    Cotoneaster Lacteus Hedging

    The arching branches of Cotoneaster Lacteus have masses of tiny white flowers in summer and bright red berries in autumn. A very pretty, evergreen hedging plant.

  • Cotoneaster simonsii hedging plants

    Cotoneaster Simonsii Hedging

    A good plant for shade Cotoneaster Simonsii is a semi evergreen of upright habit. Dark green foliage turns red in autumn. White flowers then orange red fruits last into winter.