Cotoneaster Franchetii hedging is a semi evergreen Cotoneaster hedge that is so easy to grow, and is extremely adaptable. It has green leaves that are ovate, with gorgeous white flowers with drops of red peeking through on their petals during the warmer summer months. These then turn into vibrant and fiery orange fruits during the cooler autumnal and winter months. It makes for a beautiful hedge throughout the year for you to view, with bees attracted to its flowers and birds attracted to its berries in the autumn for food.

Originating from Asia, Cotoneaster Franchetti hedges can be seen as an ornamental plant as well as a great ground covering one too. It is also renowned for having arching branches, making it perfect for an eye catching piece of art in any garden or landscape.

They suit hedges, as Cotoneaster Franchetii plants will grow approximately twelve to fifteen inches a year, and are better suited to being pruned in the late winter. It can cope well being planted in the shade or direct sunlight, and where strong winds prevail, while making for an excellent plant in coastal areas – being able to withstand the salt spray and air from the sea.

It survives well in poor soil quality, but doesn’t like very wet or waterlogged sites. We’d recommend planting these in a single row, with three plants per metre.

We have Cotoneaster Franchetti plants available in bare root form for planting in the winter season from November until mid April. For more information on our this plant or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.