Cotoneaster Simonsii is a semi evergreen hedge that sits upright, unlike its ground covering siblings, and is often referred to as the Himalayan Cotoneaster.

Cotoneaster Simonsii hedges are great at providing wildlife with shelter and food, with its colourful red and orange berries during the colder months, as well as its delicate white flowers that have a pink tinge to them in the summer, waiting to be pollinated by insects.

It has dark green glossy leaves that turn a beautiful shade of red come autumn, providing a gorgeous spectacle in your garden. It can easily be pruned into a neat hedge, and is a great plant for providing shade as it loves to reside in full sunlight. Pruning and cutting back of this hedge is best done during the latter part of winter.

Cotoneaster Simonsii hedging prefers soil that is either clay, chalk, sand or loam, and is well drained year round. It can reach heights of eight feet, and the same in width too. It can take anywhere between ten and twenty years for this hedge to reach its ultimate height and size, and is well suited for hedges where a height of three to six and half feet is desired. It grows on average thirty centimetres a year (twelve inches), and we would recommend planting three of these per metre.

We have Cotoneaster Simonsii plants available in bare root form during the winter season from November until mid April, the correct time for planting. For more information on our this plant or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.