The Photinia is one of our most popular evergreen shrubs, mainly being grown for their brightly coloured new growths of brilliant red which makes a brilliant contrast against the green of the older foliage.

The new shoots start to appear as early as February and continue their display throughout the spring months into Summer, often making successive bursts of colourful growth later in the season. As the new evergreen growth ripens the colour changes through shades of bronze and eventually dark green – Photinia is a plant for all seasons.

Photinias can be grown as individual shrubs in beds and borders, these glossy leaved evergreens are great for bringing height and structure to the garden all year. They will also make very colourful evergreen hedging plants although not the densest of hedges, they are certainly the most decorative.

They will grow in any soil that is well drained, including chalk and can be trimmed in spring to keep them tidy (which will result in a fresh crop of new red shoots soon after). The plants can also be left as a more informal rounded hedge with just the occasional reduction in height and width.

Photinia plants will grow in full sun or partial shade and while they are a perfectly hardy shrub, the new shoots can occasionally be damaged by hard spring frosts or harsh winds although more new growth will soon follow. In harsher conditions, new plants and hedges can shed some of their leaves but again new growth should follow in the spring. In more exposed situations you may like to consider protecting them with a windbreak while they establish, especially when planting the smaller sizes.

Older Photinia plants and hedges will produce attractive clusters of white flowers in the Spring that are occasionally followed by small red fruits.

We have two varieties of Photinia, Photinia Red Robin is the most popular variety, ideal for hedges from 1.2-2.5 metres tall. Photinia ‘Little Red Robin’ is a dwarf version with even brighter red new growths making a delightful small evergreen shrub up to around a metre in height. It can also be used for a very colourful small decorative hedge.

All our Photinia hedging plants are grown in pots to minimise root disturbance and ensure successful establishment. Some suppliers sell them as root ball plants which are lovely and bushy when planted, but if the weather is unkind in the first few months after planting they can shed very many leaves indeed and the effect is lost.

For any other questions about Photinia hedges or any other plants, please call our experienced sales team on 01580 765600.