Photinia itself is a genus of some 40 – 60 species which are part of the rose family also known as Rosaceae. Originating in New Zealand the species has several names Red Tip Photinia, Christmas Berry and Little Red Robin which is a cultivar. The Little Red Robin is an evergreen shrub and is a firm favourite with gardeners owing to its compact habit of growth and vivid bright red tips to the shiny green leaves.

This wonderful little shrub not only produces beautifully coloured leaves it has attractive white flowers in spring occasionally followed by blackish fruits enjoyed by wildlife. Slow growing at around 10-15cm per year means keeping the neat and tidy appearance of this little shrub requires little attention.

The Photinia Little Red Robin is a delightful hardy small shrub that will grow in any well drained soil. The leaf colour benefits from being planted in a sunny spot or a minimal amount of shade. This versatile little plant growing only to a height of approximately 1 metre adds a splash of colour to borders or corners of beds where colour is fading later in summer and can also be used a low informal hedge at the edge of beds and pathways.

Planting into pots or containers will allow placing on patios and perhaps at doorways giving a lift to those areas. Little Red Robin are best trimmed in spring with a lighter in winter to keep them looking their best.

As with larger Photinia we sell the Little Red Robin as potted plants. This allows planting to take place at any time of year as there is no disturbance to the roots. Should you have any queries about our stock of Photinia Little Robin do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.