The widely planted Photinia Red Robin is one of the most requested plants on our website with its well known bright red young leaves. Photinia Carre Rouge is a big improvement, the leaves are a little smaller and have a brighter blood red colour that lasts for much longer. Successive flushes of these colourful new growths will usually emerge through the growing season, not just a single flush of red in the Spring.

It is a bushy and upright shrub needing less maintenance because the branches dont flop around. Like other Photinia it carries attractive corymbs of white flowers in early Summer on older plants, adding to the season of interest.

This is an excellent hedging plant, more upright and less floppy making it easier to trim and shape when young. The bushy growth would suit a large pot or container to brighten any patio or seating area and the smaller leaves would be well suited to topiary. Photinia Carre Rouge make great ‘lollipop’ trees on stems and could even be trained into pleached trees.

Photinia Carre Rouge grows well in any soil type, they prefer good drainage and will grow in sun or partial shade although the best leaf colouring is always in a sunny spot.

A hedge of Photinia Carre Rouge can be maintained at a height of 100-200+cm making this Photinia plant a good choice for smaller gardens where its better know cousin may get just a little too big if not well maintained. Trim them in early Spring as required, by trimming after the first flush of red leaves, more will follow the same season.

How to grow Photinia Carre Rouge

Position: Sun or partial shade
Foliage: Evergreen shrub, leaves stay on the shrub all year.
Soil and site: Any well drained soil.
Flowering time: May and June
Growth rate: moderate/fast
Ultimate height and spread 250cm high x 200cm wide.
Hardiness: Fully hardy.
Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and for the first season. Prune or trim in late Spring to encourage more of the colourful new growth.