Pot Grown Mixed Hedging plants give interest for much of the year while encouraging a wide range of wildlife, our mix is made up from the following species:

50% Quickthorn (Hawthorn) – Crataegus monogyna


50% from a mix (a minimum of 5 species) selected from:

Alder, common – Alnus glutinosa

Beech, Green – Fagus sylvatica

Blackthorn – Prunus spinosa

Hazel – Corylus avellana

Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus

Field Maple – Acer campestre

Spindle – Euonymus europaeus

Wild Crabapple – Malus sylvestris

How many/how to plant Pot Grown Mixed Hedging

Single Row
When planting a new native hedge, we recommend using 3 plants per metre for a single row hedge – setting each plant 13inches/33cm apart.
Double Row
For a thicker double row hedge, use 5 plants per metre – setting the plants 40cm apart in each row with 40cm between the 2 rows.
Extra Thick Double Row
(For a really thick, extra dense hedge that may be achieved more quickly, use 7 plants per metre in a double row. Set each plant 11inches/28cm apart in each row with 40cm between the 2 rows).

These top quality pot grown specimens will transplant from their pots easily at any time of year as there is no root disturbance, just be sure to keep them well watered through the first season if the weather is dry.Pot grown plants will often overtake larger bare root plants within the first year or two, to give them the best start we recommend adding Rootgrow when you plant them. All our hedgerow mixes are sold in multiples of 25 plants.

If you have any questions about our Pot grown Mixed Hedging or any other plants in our range, please call our sales team on 01580 765600.