The Alder Common (Alnus Glutinosa) is native to Britain and Northern Europe. They are deciduous trees that produce catkins in spring. These plants are extremely easy to grow, normally thriving in any site but preferring chalk, clay or lime soil.

It especially loves wet ground, but also loves full sunlight. Alder Common hedging plants can grow over twelve metres tall, and grow as wide as four to eight metres. This process can usually take anywhere from 20 to 50 years to do so though. Due to its height, width and bushy growth, these hedges/trees make for great windbreakers and privacy hedging.

As well as this, they are also incredibly wildlife friendly, providing shelter and food for birds and animals. They are also excellent at improving soil fertility, as it can extract nitrogen from the air. The Glutinosa part of their latin name is due to the leaves and buds stickiness, which helps towards its rich deep green coloured leaves. The wood of the Alder Common is extremely durable under water, and is commonly used for coppicing in woodland, as well as the wood being used for the production of clogs. All of the Alder Common hedge plants we stock are great for a variety of hedging uses and general planting.

We will provide you with full planting and cultural instructions with your order, so your plant can get the best start in your garden or landscape. If you require any further information about our Alder Common hedging plants before you buy then get in touch with one of our specialist team members.