Topiary, a term used to describe the pruning of plants, has been popular since the Roman times. Carefully clipped shrubs giving architectural structure to any garden large or small, Buxus Sempervirens commonly known as Common Box is a fantastic plant perfectly suited for shaping and sculpturing, lending itself extremely well to being trained into a ball shape. With patience, care and skilled or even novice hands your imagination and artistic talent and flare as a gardener can be explored using this useful plant, hopefully with extremely pleasing results giving, in time, great satisfaction with the resulting form.

The ball shape is a good shape to begin practising Topiary and trimming techniques as it is more forgiving shape than something like a pyramid. A box ball shape is great as an integral part of the structure of any garden but can also be an art form in its own right, adding class and sophistication to the grander garden but also beautiful in cottage gardens. They are also popular with show home developers and in towns, improving a balcony, front door or entrance to a property in this rounded form creating a great focal point in many situations.

Common Box grows steadily at around 10cm per year increasing in all dimensions meaning it needs little attention but is fast enough to be encouraging. When trimming for use as Topiary, it is best trimmed a few times in the year to encourage tight neat growth. Traditionally it is said you should trim box on Derby Day but any time from early Summer is fine. If wanting to trim several ball shapes to exactly the same size, using a wire hoop to guide is a good idea.

Box is shade tolerant but for best results they should be planted in good soil with good drainage and in some sun. It is also a good idea to trim Box on a dry breezy day with a sharp tool as the cut edges will dry much quicker therefore reducing the chance of spores entering the plants.

Our fantastic ball shaped plants have been regularly trimmed into perfect spherical shapes in several sizes enabling a lovely effect to be achieved quickly enabling a great start to developing structure in the garden. Please call the office if you would like any further details.