Box Balls, Box Ball Topiary –  Common Box is a fantastic plant for shaping, especially into a ball shape. It looks great in any garden and can provide a feature as well as giving you a great addition to any topiary collection.

They’re a great choice for any topiary garden, because they are easy to maintain and easy to trim into your desired shape – with it’s rich deep green foliage showcasing your artistic work.

Box Balls can be grown and planted in most soils, but truly loves residing in well drained soil and either full or partial sunlight. When it comes to sharing your Box ball topiary, Box hedges are traditionally trimmed on Derby Day in early June, but anytime during the early doors of summer will be a good time to prune them. This will help the hedge to ripen and prepare itself for the colder months, and shouldn’t become damaged from the winter frosts.

Our fantastic Box Balls have been regularly trimmed into the perfect spherical shape for several years, so it can create that perfect evergreen focal point on your landscape for you and others to enjoy. They can reside in either containers or pots.

We have a very wide selection variety of Box Balls from 25cm right up to massive specimens of 120cm or more. For more information on our wide and varied selection of Common Box ball shaped topiary please call our expert sales team on 01580 765600 or drop them a line through our contact page.