Topiary Plants

Topiary plants make great garden additions, bringing year-round height, structure and can complement topiary of the same species. If you’re looking for a plant to add uniqueness to your space, topiary trees are a perfect choice. Read more about the Topiaries we offer below or get in touch to discuss your gardening needs with our plant-loving team.

What better way to create a display in your garden than with Topiary? Eye-catching and elegant, our Topiary trees are the perfect addition to gardens with a touch of style. Whether you want a ball, cone, box or more unusual shape, we stock a variety of Topiary plants that make for exceptional focal points, in a variety of sizes.

Our Topiaries can either be planted in the ground or in containers, whichever you prefer. With a wide selection of different species and shapes available, you can personalise your Topiary trees as focal points and borders; not just for scenery purposes, but for privacy too.

Our unusual and specialist Topiary shapes are produced in a limited quantity to ensure the best quality topiary plants are used. Due to this, our selection does vary throughout the year, but we will always offer the very best range of high-quality Topiary trees available, for you and your garden.

English Yew topiary, Common Box topiary and Photinia Red Robin Topiary are our most popular evergreen species, and are typically used for ball and cone shapes.

Topiary is an art form admired by gardeners and landscapers alike, so whether your garden is modern, traditional or you’ve yet to decide your vision, Topiary trees could be the ideal solution.
How to Plant Topiary Trees
Topiary plants are not difficult to trim, simply ensure that the plant is symmetrical at every angle to create the perfect focal point. As a result, topiary plants require regular maintenance and pruning to maintain their shape.

Like all hedging types, please ensure you water the Topiary regularly to prevent it from drying out. Whether it’s a central feature or a border plant, remove the pot your topiary tree arrives in and prepare for planting. This is to prevent the roots from being restricted and hindering growth. The ground or a larger pot will be sufficient.

Fertilise with Bonemeal to feed your plant and water regularly, even in winter. This is because the foliage can be too thick for rainwater to penetrate, so ensure that all areas of the plant get sufficient water. This is particularly the case in drier planting sites.

Pruning can take place once a year in late Spring/early Summer, sometimes more than once if your Topiary tree grows particularly fast. Make sure before making your purchase that you’ll have time to maintain and upkeep your plant.

Although Topiary plants take some work to remain in tip-top condition, it’s definitely worth it!
Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?
We’re the UK’s leading hedging specialists, which means we know our stuff when it comes to the hedging species we grow. Even our sales team have direct experience cultivating our plants, so we’re best placed to answer any questions you have about Topiary trees or any of our half a million hedging varieties we grow on from our nursery.

From our 80-acre nursery in Kent, we supply the UK with the highest quality, freshest hedges on offer. From potted hedging, Holly Japanesebox hedges and more.

Our dedicated staff work in all weathers from initial planting to cultivating, selecting and delivering to ensure you receive the best possible plants for your garden.

Can’t decide on the type of topiary hedge shapes you want, or the species of topiary plant you need? Don’t worry, we can help give you all the advice you need before making your purchase. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the specialist team members using our contact form, or call us on 01580 765600.