Buxus Sempervirens, a member of the Buxaceae family is more commonly known as Common Box, well known for its historical use in stately homes for parterres and topiary. The beauty of the spiral shape which can be manicured from this dense native evergreen shrub creates an unusual sculptured effect with a grace that would suit any palatial garden but can also stand quite beautifully in an informal cottage garden, possibly surrounded with wild flowers set off by the deep green small leaves, also giving a lovely dense sheltered habitat for birds and small mammals.

When buying a Spiral Shape already manicured and then keeping it trimmed or starting a fresh, there is a feeling of great achievement when this artistic creation has been carefully nurtured into this wonderful spiralling form providing a delightful focal point in the landscape showcasing your artistic work.

A easy to grow plant, Box will grow in shade but to obtain the best from this plant, preferably plant it in a sunny position in good well drained. Being neither too fast or too slow growing at around 10cm per year means Box is an excellent shrub to topiarise responding well to being shaped.

The best time to prune is in mid-June when the leaves are hardened and not likely to suffer from bruising. It is also advisable to trim on a warm dry breezy day to ensure the sap dries quickly helping to reduce spores entering the woody stems. Although a Spiral Shape may look tricky, it is quite simple to re-establish an overgrown specimen. Start from the top of the spiral working down, trim the upper surface first, then the upper and lower turn of the spiral creating the curved edges before finishing the underside.

Spiral Shapes of Common Box can be purchased and grown onto any size you may wish. Please do call the office and we will try to provide you with any further information you may require.