The wonderful Box Common hedge is great at providing the perfect topiary hedge to shape, as well as being the perfect feature to any garden or landscape.

Our cone shape Box Common hedge has been specifically and carefully shaped to help give your landscape a sense of architectural structure, which is ideal for adding an orchestrated height affect amongst other plants and hedges. Their beautiful green leaves can also offset another coloured plant it resides along perfectly.

The Box Common hedge is renowned for being the perfect hedge to trim and shape into whatever style you wish; plus, they are so easy to maintain, with a prune once a year and a slow growing rate of four to six inches a year. They prefer the soil they reside in to be well drained, as well as being in a sunny spot.

All of our Box Common cone shape plants are available in a wide selection of sizes, and come in a number of different sized litre pots, ranging from 7.5 to 40 litres. For more information on our wide and varied selection of Box Common Box Cone Shape plants, or any of our other hedging varieties, contact our specialist team members for more information.

Box hedges in all shapes and sizes are sometimes susceptible to damage from fungal infections, such as Box Blight. This can be potentially fatal to your plants but can be easily treated by following our step-by-step guide: Dealing with Box Blight. You may also find our guide on how to revive your Buxus Plant useful.