The Maple hedge (Acer Campestre) is found amongst the UK’s native hedgerows, with beautiful shades of yellow flowers in spring and green leaves followed by golden hues of the leaves in autumn. This is a beautiful addition to any existing hedge, garden or lush green landscape wish to add it to.

Field Maple hedges make excellent additions to every garden, growing rapidly up to 30-60cm in height each year to a maximum height of five metres. They’re easily maintained and their well-known bright green leaves that change to yellow during winter months similar to Guelder Rose hedges.

Like many native hedge species,  Acer Campestre is perfect for those welcoming British wildlife into their gardens. The hedge is extremely popular with insects and moths that feed on its leaves, whilst its small, yellow-green coloured flowers provide much-needed nectar for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Amongst its use as a stunning garden plant, Field Maple hedges and trees have traditionally had many uses, from making maple syrup from its sap to its use in traditional wood carving and turning.

Hopes Grove Nurseries offer Acer Campestre as instant hedging, potted hedging and bare root hedging varieties.

Caring for Acer Campestre

This deciduous, fast-growing and dense hedging plant is of medium size and native to the UK and can survive well in limestone and chalk soils. Field Maple hedges can enjoy a diverse range of conditions including full sunlight and partial shade, with well-moistened soil and good drainage. From coastal sites to chalky and exposed soil, Field Maple is very versatile and tough in different conditions.

It can take anywhere between 10 and 20 years for it to reach its maximum height as a tree but can be kept to your desired height with easy maintenance. This makes it very suitable as an informal garden hedge that can be trimmed regularly.

In terms of pruning, we recommend trimming these hedges in winter, as they can grow at least up to four feet and over. This can be continued until the Field Maple hedge reaches maturity.

For best results, it is a good idea to plant them 18 inches apart for a thick, dense hedge that’s strong and durable.

Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

Hopes Grove Nurseries are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Field Maple hedging (Acer campestre) and over half a million other hedging varieties. We’re specialists at growing plant species that are lovingly grown into high-quality plants ready to place in your garden at competitive prices. For over 30 years, we’ve developed an expertise for different hedging varieties from Hawthorn hedges to Hydrangea Hedging plants.

Each hedge, from planting the first seed to fertilising, cultivating, selecting, packing and delivering is handed by our passionate, plant-loving team. Each plant is given the care and TLC it deserves to ensure your hedge is at the highest quality and as fresh as possible when it reaches you. Check out our Feefo reviews to see why we’re so popular.

We’ve also gathered an extensive amount of knowledge from our 30+ years in the industry, making us hedging specialists. Therefore, we’re well placed to offer you planting tips, tricks and advice so you can make the most of our plants in your garden. Check out our knowledge base to see our wide range of FAQs. Alternatively, give us a call today.

If you’re interested in our Field Maple hedges (Acer campestre), take a look at our range above, buy online or simply get in touch to talk to our green-fingered team.