The Guelder Rose is a traditional British native hedge plant to the UK, despite its namesake being the dutch province of Guilderland. However, the plant still resides in much of Europe and across the country today. Guelder Rose hedge plants are well known for their popular, crisp-white flowers that appear between June and July. Their dark green foliage also changes to a stunning red colour in winter months, making Guelder Rose hedges the perfect, colourful addition to any garden.

Guelder Rose hedges are also ideal for lovers of wildlife since the plant’s berries are extremely popular with birds such as Bullfinches and Mistle Thrush, who use their berries as an essential food source.  To humans, however, they can be slightly toxic when eaten raw but can be consumed when made into jelly or jam.

The Guelder Rose is a tough, sturdy shrub or small tree that works well in gardens that have more of woodland nature. It also works especially well as a shrub border. They, like most plants and trees, are deciduous, so do lose their leaves towards the end of autumn.

How to Plant Guelder Rose Hedge Plants

Guelder Rose hedges can grow between 20-40cm per year to a height of up to 5m. Therefore, in order to maximise its growth, you must ensure you provide the best possible conditions. These hedges can be planted in isolation, or alternatively mixed with other hedge species to create a diverse, eye-pleasing, mixed country hedge all year round.

Although Viburnum Opulus will survive in full shade, you’ll need partial or full-sun so the best flowers can bloom. They’re very easy to grow, whether they’re in the shade of large trees, in chalky soil and will even tolerate periods of waterlogging.  Guelder Rose hedges prefer moist soil, so ensure you’re able to provide plenty of watering, particularly in its first year of growth.

In terms of pruning, ensure your Viburnum Opulus is trimmed after it flowers to get the most from your plant. You can view more tips and advice about planting, trimming and pruning, fertilisation and more from our knowledge base.

Guelder Rose is available to purchase from us as either potted hedging or bare root hedging, depending on the time of year and level of maintenance you’d prefer. If you’re looking for something similar, maple hedging or elder hedging may be perfect for you.

Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

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