Hydrangea Hedging

Hydrangeas are a stunning genus of plant species available in several bright colours. Hydrangea hedging is an extremely popular flowering shrub suitable for any garden for you and your family to enjoy. Hopes Grove Nurseries offer several different varieties, from Hydrangea Renate Steigner to Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight Hedging, we’re bound to have colour to suit your garden. Explore the page below or get in touch to speak with a friendly team member.

The Hydrangea genus consists of around 100 species,  native to Southern and Eastern Asia (Russia, Japan, Korea and China.) These are deciduous shrubs for garden borders where they look fantastic in a woodland setting and in larger groups if you are lucky enough to have space – or as a refreshingly alternative (and very beautiful) informal hedge.

There’s a striking effect when the transitions are all on the same flower head, creating a vast array of shades and a beautiful touch of colour to your outdoor space. The flowers make exceptional additions to floral displays, particularly when looking for impact in an indoor arrangement making this a must for florists.

The blue flowers can even be dried and used decoratively indoors. Although most hydrangeas are white in colour, other colours available include blue, pink, red and purple.

The particular shade of the flower depends significantly on the soil. More acidic soils produce blue-coloured flowers, whereas more alkaline soils result in pink or purple shades, whilst neutral soils produce white flowers. Hopes Grove Nurseries offer the following varieties:

Hydrangea Renate Steigner
Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight Hedging
Hydrangea Paniculata Vanille Fraise
Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora
 Hydrangea Madame Mouillere
Hydrangea Masja – Red Hydrangeas
Hydrangea Renate Steiniger
Climbing Hydrangea hedging
Annabelle Hydrangea hedging

Browse our collection of Hydrangea hedging today. If you need help choosing the right variety, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
How to Plant & Care for Hydrangea Hedging
The truly remarkable display of colour in late summer can be shown to best advantage if they are planted in woodland areas or as specimens in corners of beds where the dappled shade will not hinder the stunning autumn foliage being displayed in all its glory.

The Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight with all it has to offer deserves a prime spot in the garden or indeed on the patio to be enjoyed later in the summer when other plants are fading or slowing down.

This hardy, easy to grow form of Hydrangea is a firm favourite of landscape architects and designers as it can grow to a height and spread up to 250cm which only adds to the dramatic impact of this delightful shrub.

Hydrangeas do best in deep rich soil with lots of organic matter worked in, and generous annual spring mulches, especially in thinner chalky soils as all Hydrangeas appreciate their ‘feet’ in cool and moist conditions.

They are tough and hardy plants but can be caught by late spring frosts so try to avoid planting in frost pockets or exposed East facing positions. Whilst they deserve to be grown in prime spots, ensure the planting site is not too exposed where it won’t become too dry.

Classified as rapid growers, Hydrangea hedging grows up to 25 inches a year, often planted as statement pieces to complement a garden’s greenery.
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