The paniculata Hydrangea is a species belonging to the Hydrangaceae hedge family which are native to Russia, Japan, Korea and China. This spectacular plant produces very large blooms which start as a delicate shade of green moving on to a creamy white and eventually maturing to a soft and gentle shade of pink. A striking effect when the transitions are all on the same flowerhead. The flowers make exceptional additions to floral displays particularly when looking for impact in an indoor arrangement making this a must for florists.

The truly remarkable display of colour in late summer can be shown to best advantage if they are planted in woodland areas or as specimens in corners of beds where dappled shade will not hinder the stunning autumn foliage being displayed in all its glory. The Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight with all it has to offer deserves a prime spot in the garden or indeed on the patio to be enjoyed later in the summer when other plants are fading or slowing down. This hardy easy to grow form of Hydrangea is a firm favourite of landscape architects and designers as it can grow to a height and spread up to 250cm which only adds to the dramatic impact of this delightful shrub.

Being a potted plant means there is no restriction on when you can plant your Hydrangeas should you wish to discuss the purchase of our pot grown Hydrangeas and when best to plant why not give us a ring and we will do our best to help.