Hydrangea Mophead White usually referred to as Hydrangea Madame Moulliere is one of a number of deciduous Hortensia or Mophead varieties from the family Hydrangeaceae. It is of French origin being bred there in the last couple of centuries as a compact bushy deciduous shrub. The wonderful Whitemop head style blooms appear for a long period from July onwards and if this is planted as an informal hedge as opposed to an individual shrub provides excellent interest in the garden at a time when other plants are starting to fade.

As an added bonus, the dark green serrated leaves will turn to autumnal colours of red and orange at the latter end of the season. The flowers along with most varieties of hydrangea hedging make superb cut flowers either for formal arrangements or for a vase indoors and will with age or in full sun be tinged with pink.

Hydrangea Madame Moulliere will grow well in either full sun or partial shade but is best in moist but well drained soil. Growing to a height and spread of approximately 1.5 metres it can have a wonderful impact in a garden through the summer and autumn seasons. For an informal hedge, planting would normally be recommended at 2 per metre to give a good effect. Trim in late autumn but dead head the flowers in spring when the frosts have finished.

Pot grown shrubs such as Hydrangea Madame Moulliere can be planted out at any time of the year or can even for a limited time be used to fill a large ornamental pot for the patio. It is a relatively pest and disease-free variety so hopefully should need little care apart from feeding, watering and trimming.

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