Ligustrum vulgare is our wild native privet, it has dark green oval leaves that are longer and more elongated compared to the green and golden varieties of Privet. Clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers are produced during summer, these develop into shiny black fruits later in the season. Wild Privet is a good shrub for attracting wildlife, popular with insects and birds providing food and nesting sites. Wild Privet is a very tough and hardy hedging plant, it is often seen in mixed native hedges (it makes a great addition being semi evergreen and is a naturally bushy plant when young giving good coverage) but can also be used as a single species hedge.

Being a semi evergreen shrub, in sheltered gardens and in milder winters Wild Privet will keep many of its leaves. During colder spells of weather and on more exposed planting sites it will lose many leaves behaving more like a deciduous hedging shrub. Wild Privet is a tough species putting up with exposed sites and any soil that does not become waterlogged.

Wild Privet hedging plants are available as pot grown or bare rooted. Pot grown plants have the advantages of being available all year round and because there is no root disturbance they will establish and grow away quickly. Bare root Wild Privet hedging plants are available when the plants are dormant from November until April and are the most economical option for establishing a new hedge.

We have given our recommended planting density next to each size, you can use our plant calculator to work out how many plants are needed, tick the double row box for a denser and thicker hedge that covers more quickly (this option uses 50% more plants).

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