Golden Privet hedging plants – The Golden Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Aureum’) is a very colourful hedging variety. Its oval shaped dark green leaves have a broad, irregular golden yellow edging and the leaves are often retained during winter, especially if the weather is mild.

Golden Privet is technically semi-evergreen, on exposed windy sites and during very spells some leaves can fall but the hedge will of course re leaf fully the next spring. On older Golden Privet plants, the leaves can often be completely yellow and the size of the leaf often declines with the age of the plant or hedge especially on poorer soil, this is still the same variety.

Our strapping Golden Privet hedging plants are grown under ideal conditions here at the nursery under the watchful eye of our staff and can have leaves twice the size!

It’s a popular hedging species, as it will grow in any soil (including poor soil and chalky soil) that is not very wet. It is suited to all situations from full sun to full shade and is a good plant for windy exposed sites including seaside gardens.

As a hedge, Golden Privet can be expected to make around 30cm growth a year and can be maintained with a single trim at any time each year to keep the hedge tidy, twice for a really neat look.

We have a huge selection of Golden Privet hedging plants in all sizes starting with economical bare rooted plants, these are grown in the soil in our fields and need no compost or pots and minimal water and fertilisers. As a low input crop, they are cheap for us to grow and represent excellent value. The season for these bare root plants runs from November until April while they are dormant and this is the correct time for planting.

Our pot grown range comes in a huge selection of sizes and have the advantages of year-round availability and zero root disturbance meaning they get established very quickly.

We often have the instant hedging option too, which is the perfect solution where immediate impact is the primary consideration, supplied in convenient one metre sections it is easy to handle and plant. As all of our instant Golden Privet hedging is grown here on our own nursery we deliver direct to you without unnecessary freight costs or middlemen, the cost savings are passed on to our customers with the lowest prices you will find.

If you have any questions about Golden Privet hedging plants, or any other hedges please contact our experienced sales team on 01580 765600.