Fruit Trees

Growing your own fruit can be very rewarding, we have a carefully chosen selection of the most popular and easy to grow varieties. Most of our fruit trees are grown on a semi-dwarfing rootstock and will grow to 3-4 metres ultimately. Figs and Mulberries are grown on their own roots and will slowly grow to around 4 metres and 8 metres respectively.

Most of our fruit trees are sold as bare root trees and will have a short clear stem with a number of young branches above and a total height of approximately 150cm although this can vary with the variety. Figs and Mulberries are pot grown and the size is stated. All fruit trees are available from November until March, the best time for planting.

Apples are best grown with another variety to pollinate them to ensure reliable cropping, most of our Apple varieties are compatible with each other but please do see the individual varieties for more details. Most other fruit here is self-fertile unless otherwise stated.

Fruit trees are easy to grow in most soils that do not become waterlogged, young trees will establish and develop more quickly if a small circle around the base 50-100cm across is kept completely clear of weeds, ideally with a mulch of bark chippings or similar to conserve moisture. We also recommend adding rootgrow when planting for faster root establishment of all our Fruit.

All fruit trees are zero rated for VAT.