You can buy Heathers from Hopes Grove Nurseries at any time of year, we sell strong, well established plants that are perfect for many uses in the garden as ground cover, in bold drifts in between feature shrubs and grasses or in versatile and long lasting containers and pots to brighten up your patio or terrace.



Our Heather plants come in 2 types. The Summer flowering kinds provide a great show of colour from July right through to October (when many gardens are in need of some colour after most plants have faded) and even when not in flower the evergreen foliage comes into its own, in varying colours and textures giving interest and structure to the garden all year round.

The Winter flowering types flower from November until April giving a very long season of cheerful colour during the darkest months of the year, they look especially good with Winter and Spring flowers such as Hardy Cyclamen or Hellebores – or even taller Ornamental grasses whose spent winter stems will give height and architectural interest to your display especially with frost on them all.

By planting a proportion of both Summer and Winter varieties in your garden it is possible to have flowers from July right through to April, few species of garden plants can offer such a wide window of colour.

All of our Heather plants are supplied as strong plants in 2 litre pots that are much larger than most others sold online. All Heathers are perfect for smaller gardens and containers, they also look fabulous in larger bold drifts if you are lucky enough to have space. Heathers do benefit from good soil preparation and a little aftercare for the first season to get them well established, after this they will give very many years of enjoyment and colour with little maintenance other than a gentle trim after flowering to keep them tight and bushy.

As a guide for planting, 4 plants per metre will give adequate coverage after a few years, 6 per metre will give faster results or you could plant up to 9-12 plants per metre for maximum coverage more quickly.

How to grow Heather plants
Position: Full sun or just a little shade

Foliage: Evergreen, leaves persist all year
Soil and site: Summer types need neutral or acidic soil. Winter varieties are also lime tolerant. All like good drainage and plenty of organic matter added, especially on heavier soils.

Flowering time: From July right through to April with a mix of types. (Summer varieties July-October. Winter varieties November-April)

Growth rate: Slow to moderate

Ultimate height and spread: 40cm high x 60cm wide

Hardiness: Full hardy
Aftercare: Water well after planting and until well established and especially during the first summer. Give Heather plants a light clip after flowering with shears or secateurs.